One Year After You
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One Year After You

For forty years the fabulous Odette Devine has been a beloved matriarchal actress on Scotland’s longest-running TV show. Today she is broken, betrayed, and desperate to find out if this is her payback for a lie she told forty years ago.

A year ago today, Tress Walker’s husband was killed in a car accident, on the same day she gave birth to their baby. Reeling from the discovery that he was with his mistress, Tress has to choose whether to protect her fragile heart or open it to love again.

Noah Clark was devastated to discover his wife and his best friend were having an affair. Now the love of his life is asking for another chance to make their marriage work. But can there ever be a way back, once the trust is broken?

Noah’s sister Keli Clark has recently been ghosted by the man she loves. When a shocking message from a complete stranger reveals the reason why, Keli will have to decide whether to forgive, forget, or to make sure he pays.

Twenty-four hours. Four shocking secrets. One tumultuous tale of love, loss and second chances.

One Year After You

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My Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“One Year After You” is a gripping story about love, loss, and second chances, focusing on the lives of Tress Walker, Noah Clark, Odette Devine, and Keli Clark. Shari Low, the author, skillfully picks up the tale a year after the events that turned Tress’s life upside down, showing how she copes and rebuilds.

The story gets even more interesting as it brings back Noah, who went through a similar upheaval. We get a closer look at Noah’s experiences, giving us different perspectives on how life changes after major events.

Odette Devine, a beloved actress on a Scottish TV show for a long time, adds complexity to the story. We see her dealing with betrayal and trying to understand if it’s payback for a lie she told many years ago.

Keli Clark, Noah’s sister, becomes a crucial part of the story. Her struggles with being ignored by someone she loves bring excitement and intrigue. Keli has to decide whether to forgive, forget, or take action, adding more emotions to the tale.

The connections between these characters create an engaging and coherent storyline. Shari Low’s storytelling makes sure readers not only enjoy the story but also feel connected to the characters. “One Year After You” is a great continuation of the narrative, providing a satisfying end to the journey that started with One Day With You.

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Shari Low is the #1 bestselling author of over 30 novels, including My One Month Marriage and One Summer Sunrise and a collection of parenthood memories called Because Mummy Said So. She lives near Glasgow.

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