The Girls From Sandycove
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The Girls from Sandycove

The Girls from Sandycove is the author’s third novel is set in the lovely village of Sandycove in Ireland. I’ve read and reviewed the other two books here. Each novel has a fresh set of characters and yet one continues to love the setting and the community each story showcases.

Book Description

A mother and daughter adrift, a friend in need, and a village to call home…

When Kate O’Hare discovers she’s pregnant, she is determined to return to her hometown of Sandycove in Dublin.

On the other side of the Atlantic, her estranged mother, international superstar, Lola, is heartbroken following the loss of her soulmate, Paulie. On hearing Kate’s plan, Lola follows her, seeking a second chance at motherhood.

Kate discovers her best friend, Flora, is back in her childhood bedroom, her marriage and self-esteem in tatters following her husband’s public betrayal.

Flora now finds herself with no husband, home, or future, while her own mother Patsy is stepping out of her comfort zone into the world of interiors. Can Patsy’s new life reignite Flora’s talent and creativity?

And what of the O’Hare family secret which has the power to unlock a pathway to greater mutual understanding? And will music and the magic of Sandycove be enough to empower the women through such challenging times?

An emotive story of forgiveness, new beginnings and happy-ever-afters…

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My Review of The Girls from Sandycove

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The book focuses on four women: Flora, Kate, and their moms Patsy and Lola. The story revolves around the relationships between mothers and daughters. Flora and Patsy are very close, while Kate and Lola are distant because Lola, a famous singer, appears to have chosen her career over her daughter.

Each of these women is at a crossroads of sorts, trying to make sense and rebuild their lives. As they take responsibility for past decisions and take bold decisions for their future, we see how the Sandycove community plays a role in their lives. The story explores mother-daughter connections but there’s also a good mix of romance.

A heartwarming story of rediscovering roots, being brave and independent and finding love amidst pain and heartache, The Girls from Sandycove is another winner from the author.

Author Bio

Sian O’Gorman

Sian O’Gorman was born in Galway and now lives just along the coast from Dublin. She works as a radio producer alongside writing contemporary women’s fiction inspired by friend and family relationships.

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