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The Godmother

Having just finished reading and reviewing The Wrong Man by the same author, I was looking forward to reading The Godmother.

‘Stop trying to be brave all the time, Rachel. Fear is a necessary part of being alive. Sometimes we have to let it show. We have to own up to it or it drives us mad.’

Rachel Elliot is single and attractive, a director of a successful advertising agency, with a handsome lover, close friends, and a clutch of beloved godchildren. But as her fortieth birthday approaches, so does a whispering fear that she might have missed the point…

Almost imperceptibly over the years her friends and contemporaries have settled down and started families. Rather less subtly her parents have been urging Rachel to do the same. Managing a shocking incident at work is soon taking up all her energies and she adores her godchildren.  So, is a child of her own what she really wants? Or is motherhood just what everyone else wants for her? If she picks the wrong path, there will be no turning back…

Join Amanda Brookfield as she revisits and refreshes her novel, The Godmother, and rediscover how she got her well-deserved reputation for writing about women’s lives with humour and honesty. Includes a brand-new foreword from the author.

The Godmother

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My Review of The Godmother

Rachel, a successful and ambitious businesswoman, leads a single life filled with numerous friends and a vibrant social circle. Amid her accomplishments, she also holds the role of godmother to four cherished youngsters. Our story unfolds as she crosses paths with the latest addition to this group. While she has always shied away from the idea of conventional domestic happiness, the approach of her fortieth birthday triggers a contemplation within her. A question begins to form: Could her life find deeper contentment and fulfillment if she were to welcome a child of her own?

With this seed of thought planted, Rachel cautiously begins to outline plans for a different future. Subtly and gradually, many of her friends and peers have embraced family life over the years, a contrast that becomes harder to overlook. Equally, the not-so-subtle urgings from her parents have added to the mounting pressure. In the midst of these considerations, a jarring incident at her workplace demands her full attention, absorbing her energies.

Despite her newfound responsibilities and the intricacies of her career, Rachel remains devoted to her godchildren, their presence bringing her immense joy. This devotion prompts a crucial introspection: Does her yearning extend to having a child of her own, or is her path more fittingly aligned with her current trajectory?

As her story unfolds, Rachel’s journey involves grappling with the desires of her heart, reconciling her independent nature with the alluring prospect of motherhood. In this intricate exploration, the true essence of her desires gradually emerges, laying bare the question of whether a child is the missing piece to her intricate life’s puzzle.

The author has a great way of exploring feelings and I found myself truly drawn into Rachel’s story.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Author

Amanda Brookfield is the bestselling author of many novels including Good Girls, Relative Love, and Before I Knew You, and a memoir, For the Love of a Dog starring her Golden Doodle Mabel. She lives in London and has recently finished a year as Visiting Creative Fellow at University College Oxford.

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The Godmother

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