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I would like to think that I’ve read all of Amanda Prowse’s books, but I haven’t and I’m always happy to read another one. As always with All Good Things, Ms Prowse doesn’t disappoint.

Book Description

In this captivating story from the bestselling author of Picking up the Pieces, Daisy has always envied the perfect family next door. But will a weekend of unexpected drama prove that the grass isn’t always greener?

Daisy Harrop has always felt like she exists in the background, and since her mother stopped getting out of bed, her life has come to a complete standstill. Daisy would give anything to leave the shabbiest house on the street and be more like the golden Kelleways next door, with their perfectly raked driveway and flourishing rose garden…

Winnie Kelleway is proud of the beautiful family she’s built. They’ve had their ups and downs—hasn’t everyone? But this weekend, celebrating her golden wedding anniversary is truly proof of their happiness, a joyful gathering for all the neighbours to see.

But as the festivities get underway, are the cracks in the ‘perfect’ Kelleway life beginning to show? As one bombshell revelation leads to another and events start to spiral out of control, Daisy and Winnie are about to discover that things aren’t always what they seem.

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My Review of All Good Things

The Kelleways and the Harrops have been neighbours for generations – but they couldn’t be more different. The Kelleways are rich, have a beautifully decorated house, luxury cars and love to flaunt their wealth. Winnie Kelleway loses no opportunity to get the family over and have a celebration. The Harrop house is shabby and drab and what’s more Lisa Harrop, the Mom, has been in depression for a few years – everything seems hopeless.

Daisy Harrop envies them their life – as she studies hard and works parttime in a restaurant – and comes home to a quiet house and microwave meals. She has a huge crush on Cassian, the grandson of the house, and also a friend of her brother, Jake. But everything is not as it seems. Unbeknownst to Daisy, her family is more intertwined with the Kelleways than she realizes. There’s history there that has the potential to shatter marriages and lives.

Amanda Prowse scores another hit with family drama, raw emotions and several plot twists that leaves the reader engrossed and entertained. Believable characters and a great story line meant I just had to finish the book before the day ended!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Meet The Author

Amanda Prowse is an International Bestselling author whose twenty-eight novels, two non-fiction titles and seven novellas have been published in dozens of languages around the world. Published by Lake Union, Amanda is the most prolific writer of bestselling contemporary fiction in the UK today; her titles also consistently score the highest online review approval ratings across several genres. Her books, including the chart-topping No.1 titles ‘What Have I Done?’, ‘Perfect Daughter’, ‘My Husband’s Wife’, ‘The Girl in the Corner’ and ‘The Things I Know’ have sold millions of copies across the globe.

A popular TV and radio personality, Amanda has appeared on numerous shows where her views on family and social issues strike a chord with viewers. She also makes countless guest appearances on BBC national and independent Radio stations including LBC, Times Radio and Talk FM, where she is well known for her insightful observations and her infectious humour. Described by the Daily Mail as ‘The queen of family drama’ Amanda’s novel, ‘A Mother’s Story’ won the coveted Sainsbury’s eBook of the year Award and she has had two books selected as World Book Night titles; ‘Perfect Daughter’ in 2016 and ‘The Boy Between’ in 2022.

Amanda is a huge supporter of libraries and having become a proud ambassador for The Reading Agency, works tirelessly to promote reading, especially in disadvantaged areas. Amanda’s ambition is to create stories that keep people from turning the bedside lamp off at night, great characters that ensure you take every step with them and tales that fill your head so you can’t possibly read another book until the memory fades…

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