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Nobody’s Daughter

When I read and review Rica Ramos Petals of Rain, I was both deeply moved and very inspired by her story. In Nobody’s Daughter, she shares more deeply of her very tenuous relationship with her mother.

Book Description

Should Rica invite her mother to her wedding?

In her early early forties and about to remarry, Rica Ramos realizes that starting over could mean leaving her mother behind. She longs to heal the relationship, but her mother still refuses to acknowledge the sexual abuse Rica suffered at the hands of her stepfather, or her own culpability throughout the years. With old traumas resurfacing and a new life unfolding before her, Rica grasps the power of unspoken grief—and the potential to suffer or heal. Will she and her mother ever cross the chasm between them, or are some secrets meant to stay buried?

As Rica navigates her options, she faces two ultimate choices: submit to a culture that shames daughters for not honoring their mothers, or muster the courage to go her own way. Offering a bold and lucid look at mother-daughter relationships, Nobody’s Daughter underscores every woman’s right to truth and validation.

My Review of Nobody’s Daughter

This insightful memoir looks into the mother-daughter relationship highlights the importance of self-worth. It calls into question society’s values that will place a stigma on any daughter calling out her mother’s behaviour. Rica experienced her mother’s neglect and failure to protect her from the advances of her stepfather. Her resentment towards both these ‘parents’ left her to feel distanced from her mother.

But the beauty of Rica’s story is her healing from this abuse and neglect. Through therapy and self work, she has broken the cycle of abuse. Her relationship with her young granddaughter has brought further healing to her inner child.

Nobody’s Daughter is honest and authentic and throws light on issues that many women face. Through Rica’s story, other women will find the confidence to speak up for themselves and know their voices count.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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