The Wagging Tails Dogs Home
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The Wagging Tails Dogs’ Home

Just one look at this title and I knew I’d want to read The Wagging Tails Dogs’ Home.

Book Description

Life could not be busier for Ginny and the team at Wagging Tails.

The annual dog show is looming, a crucial event when it comes to fundraising and ensuring the volunteers can continue the brilliant work they do.

But their trusted newspaper reporter, who always includes them in his weekly column, is retiring, only to be replaced with a city-slicker named Darryl. And Darryl, as Ginny soon learns, has no interest in articles he deems ‘below him’.

Not one to take no as an answer, Ginny becomes determined to get him to meet the dogs themselves. One look at their cute faces and they’ll worm their way into his heart.

But what Ginny doesn’t anticipate is that Darryl might be more open-hearted than he seems. And inviting him to the dogs’ home might be the best decision she ever made – even if she doesn’t realise it at first!

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My Review of The Wagging Tails Dogs’ Home

With the subject of this book being dogs, I knew I’d find it interesting, but didn’t realize I’d want to read it in one go.

The love of dogs and working with them is what settles Ginny, who comes to live in this place, after leaving London let down and heartbroken. She loves her work and gives it her all.

One of her tasks is to organise an event that will raise funds for the Home and also will give peole a chance to adopt these abandoned creatures.

When the usual newspaper reporter doesn’t seem to be writing about the Home, Ginny visits the newspaper office to find out why. There she has a run in with his replacement. Darryl seems totally disinterested in the Home, doesn’t realy listen to her, and publishes a badly written and error-filled article.

On her second visit, she realizes that Darryl’s boss is her ex – who has suddenly landed in town and wants to rekindle their relationship.

When Darryl agrees to visit the Home, Ginny is very skeptical about him and his motives. However, he surprises her not just with the article.

A lovely book about second chances – for the beautiful dogs to find a home and for Ginny to find love.

The descriptions of the dogs, their background stories and their adoptions are absolutely sweet. The characters too are very endearing.

I absolutely enjoyed this book – my first by this author.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Author

Sarah Hope has been dreaming up stories ever since she was a child. She remembers many a family stroll along the beach when she’d daydream about her next adventure story, and dreamt of one day becoming an author. Sarah writes romance novels with a Happy Ever After endings, and her latest series, Wagging Tails Dogs Home is due to be published by Boldwood in 2023. Sarah lives in Central England with her two children, her dog, Lacey and a bunny named Ruby.

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