Second Chances at Brambleberry Creek
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Second Chances at Brambleberry Creek

Second Chances at Brambleberry Creek is the second book in the Brambleberry Creek series. I haven’t read the first book, Home To Brambleberry Creek.

Book Description

Sometimes you need to fall to learn how to fly…

Amber Lee Taylor has lived in the close-knit town of Brambleberry Creek, Kentucky her whole life. And she thought she had everything figured out. But when Amber discovers her long-term fiancée, Grant, has been cheating, her perfect future shatters into tiny pieces…

Heartbroken, Amber retreats to her family’s crumbling farmhouse in the stunning countryside outside her little town. It’s her favourite place in the world. She loves the old oak beams and the smell of the fire crackling in the grate. But her family say the farm isn’t making enough money and they need to do something to save it…

Determined to forget Grant and save her family home, Amber throws herself into launching a new wine business with her cousins, and stumbles across one of her grandfather’s old notebooks.

Just as she realizes the size of her project, she discovers a family mystery weaving through her grandfather’s writing, and everything suddenly seems more complicated. But then, she hasn’t thought about Grant in days, and when she bumps into handsome, charming Callum on Main Street, Amber starts to wonder if breaking up with Grant could be the best thing that’s happened to her in years.

It feels good to spend time with a guy with such a kind and genuine heart, and as he helps her untangle the notebook’s secrets, she wonders if the key to the mystery might just be the key to saving her beloved farmhouse too.

But will Amber find the strength to make the most of her second chance? Or will crossing paths with Grant change everything again?

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My Review of Second Chances at Brambleberry Creek

Though I haven’t read the first book in the series, I was immediately drawn into the story and wanted to know more about all the characters. I loved how the book moved between the generations of the family, as Amber and Morgan try to find out the secrets of their grandfather’s wine. This is vital information for them to get their winery going – as the income from that will help to save their family home.

Amber’s break up with Grant, seems to be just what she needed to move forward in a more focused way to go after her dreams. But her confusion about her past, especially how her father suddenly abandoned his family also weighs her down. Could her find of her grandfather’s notebook and the subsequent discovery of a box full of VHS tapes be the key? To convert the tapes, she gets in touch with Callum, and is drawn to him. Could this relationship be her second chance at love and the key to her happiness?

Meanwhile Morgan who is plagued by her past failures, is determined not to let the winery business fail. Will her boyfriend, Emmet, stand by her side through it all? Will the winery be Morgan’s second chance to make things work?

There were so many characters and so many mysteries in this story, that I’m dying to read the next book in the series to know how they are resolved.

Great characters, good storytelling, romance, second chances, secrets, mystery and history, make for a very interesting read.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Author

Second Chances at Brambleberry Creek

Elizabeth Bromke is a USA Today bestseller who loves to write heartwarming women’s fiction and romance. She especially enjoys creating vivid characters and enchanting small towns.

Coming from over a decade teaching high school English, Elizabeth knows the impact of great writing and storytelling. Indeed, writing is a dream come true for her. She lives in Arizona with her husband, son, and two golden retrievers. When Elizabeth isn’t writing her next bestseller, she can be found reading, working on a puzzle, or relaxing to a movie with her family. Elizabeth also loves to chat with her readers on social media and through email. Be sure to stay in touch!





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