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The Mothers Of Victory Street

The Mothers of Victory Street is book #3 in a lovely series about the Bryant Sisters – not really sisters, but the name of their singing trio. I’ve read and reviewed The Girls of Victory Street and Wedding Bells on Victory Street and was happy to follow their story.

The Mothers Of Victory Street

From Amazon charts bestseller Pam Howes comes a heartbreaking and uplifting historical novel about a young woman trying to snatch her chance at happiness amongst the ruins of World War Two.

1946, LiverpoolBella Harrison cannot believe the devastating war that stole the lives of her father and sister is truly over at last. She wonders how they will ever rebuild Victory Street with the city in ruins, and half their neighbours gone. But for now, she and her childhood sweetheart Bobby are happy newlyweds, doting on Bella’s little son, her child with black American pilot, Earl Franklin Junior.

With the other members of Bella’s wartime singing trio, The Bryant Sisters, busy starting families of their own, Bella focuses on recording and writing songs with her husband. Everything seems to be falling into place until they get a surprising letter: Earl is moving to England and wants to see them.

Earl arrives and is delighted to see that his son is well and happy. He joins them as a singer and together, they start recording songs. But one night as Earl leaves the recording studio, a racist gang brutally attacks him and sets the place alight, leaving Bobby trapped inside. Meanwhile, Bella is at home, waiting to tell Bobby a devastating secret…

With peace in Liverpool at last, Bella had hoped for a brighter future. But as she faces her life being ripped apart once again, can she rediscover the strength that carried her through the war?

A totally unputdownable, heart-wrenching historical novel, packed with family secrets, perfect for fans of Dilly Court, Diney Costeloe and Nancy Revell.


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My Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

While it would be ideal to read the other two books in the series before this one, the author has thoughtfully summarised the story at the start of the book, so you can dip into the story immediately.

The war is over and Britain is trying to get back to normal.

Bella, Edie and Fran are now married and while Edie has her baby during the course of this book, Bella has her son and Fran has little girl.

Bella and Bobby, childhood sweethearts, have now settled into marriage and parenthood. Bobby has officially adopted, Levi, Bella’s son by an American pilot, Earl Franklin Junior . Both their families now live under one roof and get on splendidly.

Bobby and the Bryant Sisters’ manager, Basil, are all set to start a studio and a music label and they plan to get the Bryant Sisters performing again.

When Bella hears from Earl that he is planning to relocate with his family to the UK, she starts to worry that he might want to claim Levi. Bobby on his part, is worried that Bella will get back together with Earl, especially as Bobby’s injuries prevent them from having another child.

While being mainly the story of Bella, this has several other stories going on which make the book so engrossing. The characters too are really well etched.

There are quite a few people finding love and there’s one marriage – Fran’s, that ends very badly! I enjoyed the details of the food, the children playing, the music and all sweet romance. The author gives us an insight into the strength of people who having gone through the terrible war years, must now make the best of limited resources and try to rebuild the country.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will soon be book #4 of this wonderful series.

Thanks to Bookouture via NetGalley for an ARC of the book.

Meet The Author

Pam Howes is a retired interior designer, mum to three daughters, grandma to seven assorted grandchildren and roadie to her musician partner.

The inspiration for Pam’s first novel came from her teenage years, working in a record store, and hanging around with musicians who frequented the business. The first novel evolved into a series about a fictional band The Raiders. She is a fan of sixties music and it’s this love that compelled her to begin writing.

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