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For Once In My Life

For Once In My Life is a tale of love, discovery, and second chances…

In the bustling world of Dublin’s advertising scene, Kitty O’Sullivan, a copywriter, feels an unexplainable void in her life that she can’t quite pinpoint. Her five-year relationship with Dave is stagnant, her creative juices have dried up and she’s even entertaining thoughts of marriage as a cure-all! Something’s missing from her life but she can’t work out exactly what it is…

When Dave decides to take time out from ‘them’, Kitty finds herself momentarily liberated to explore life and have some fun. She and best friend Shazza are corralled into joining a five-aside football team where she meets the intriguing Sweetman brothers, Tom and Rory.

As they sail around the enchanting coast of Dublin, engage in fierce football battles and stumble upon a magical secret drinking den, Kitty falls in love with her new life – and her new self – but is it only temporary until Dave returns?

Will Kitty find the answers to life’s mysteries and take charge of her future?

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My Review of For Once In My Life

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The story is set against the lively backdrop of Dublin’s advertising world. Kitty O’Sullivan, a copywriter, is grappling with a lack of creative spark and an unfulfilling five-year relationship with her boyfriend Dave.

Her situation reflects the modern struggle to seek meaning despite having a seemingly successful life. Kitty’s sense of dissatisfaction and longing for something more resonates with readers who can relate to the feeling of being stuck in a rut.

Kitty’s relationship with Dave and his overbearing mother reveals her tendency to be a people pleaser, often putting others’ needs before her own. This makes her journey towards self-discovery even more difficult.

Kitty’s best friend, Shazza, is loud and unabashedly honest. For me, their friendship is a highlight of the novel, providing both comic relief and surprisingly, emotional depth. Shazza often voices the reader’s frustrations, particularly regarding Dave and his mother’s treatment of Kitty. Their contrasting personalities highlight the strength and resilience of genuine friendship.

Dave’s proposal of a break sets off a chain reaction of change, catalyzed by Kitty’s newfound freedom. Joining a five-a-side football team brings new adventure into her life. The football is not only about the game but also conveys the importance of teamwork, resilience, and the unexpected friendships that arise. The Sweetman brothers, Tom and Rory, each with their own charm, provide a stark contrast to Kitty’s stagnant relationship with Dave, highlighting what she has been missing.

For me, who has always been fascinated with Ireland, one of the best parts of this novel is its setting. Dublin’s coast, the secret drinking establishment, and the exciting escapades are all described in such a vivid way that it gives the story a magical and whimsical atmosphere. Kitty’s job helps depict the country in the story, captivating readers and cultivating their love for Ireland and its vibrant culture.

The story’s focus on Kitty’s self-growth enriches her character and makes her more authentic. Readers stay engaged as they question whether Kitty’s newfound joy is fleeting or long-lasting, making the novel a gripping read.

Another winner from Sian O’Gorman, “For Once in My Life” is a captivating read that explores love, friendship, and the search for fulfillment.

Author Bio

Sian O’Gorman

Sian O’Gorman was born in Galway and now lives just along the coast from Dublin. She works as a radio producer alongside writing contemporary women’s fiction inspired by friend and family relationships.

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For Once In My Life

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