Stuck with Him
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Stuck with Him

Stuck with Him is a hilarious and uplifting romantic comedy by Danielle Owen-Jones.

Stuck with Him

Book Description

Lucy Clark has just bought a house with her worst enemy.

From the moment Lucy – Miss ‘my self-worth comes from setting myself impossible standards of perfection’ – meets Zack – Mr ‘I’m your infuriatingly laidback yet impossibly ripped new yoga teacher’ – it’s hate at first sight.

So when Zack puts in a competing offer to buy her childhood home, there’s no way she’s backing down. After losing her business and her best friend in one great margarita-themed disaster, there’s no way she’s losing her beloved house. Except there’s one tiny problem – she can’t actually afford it.

When Zack suggests they buy the house together, inspiration strikes. Lucy will wear him down, with a never-ending supply of lists and rules, until he’s begging for escape. That’s until Zack arrives, with his non-existent sleepwear and a ridiculously sincere appreciation for the simple things. Suddenly, Lucy finds herself re-evaluating her own warped priorities.

Will living with the enemy end up with Lucy losing her sanity? Or is it true what they say – that there’s a thin line between love and hate?

An absolutely page-turning, laugh-out-loud rom com, perfect for fans of The Hating Game and The Spanish Love Deception.

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My Review of Stuck With Him

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Since I haven’t read any of the author’s books before, I decided that this going to be a very light-hearted romance. Little did I realize that some of the themes were deep, and was so pleasantly surprised to discover that.

When always-on-the-job Lucy, is forced to attend a wellness programme by her best friend, she meets ever-so-laid-back Zack. He’s always running late and just irritates Lucy with his attitude. Imagine her surprise when Zack has also thrown his hat in the ring to buy the house that she has always dreamed of owning. When both of them come up short with a regular income and a deposit, Lucy agrees, most reluctantly to buy the house jointly with Zach.

She is really stuck with him!

Co-ownership of the house means co-habitation and their different attitudes to life, result in some hilarious episodes and lots of misunderstanding! Both of them have secrets and wounds that they try to hide from each other. But they start to influence each other. As Lucy starts to slow down her crazy pace, Zach begins to get more organized and slowly they do begin to enjoy some time together.

They also had more in common than they realized. Lucy and Zach, though deeply hurt by choices of their families, were also fiercely protective of some of their family members.

While romance and falling in love is a part of this story, it’s also about how family can influence us, and how we need to find ourselves and reassess our priorities.

I enjoyed the author’s easy style of writing and the humour and surprises she weaved into this enjoyable story.

About The Author

Danielle Owen-Jones grew up in Merseyside. She started her career as a senior journalist and features writer before launching her own freelance PR and content writing business. Danielle now calls Cumbria home, where she lives with her husband, Tom, and adorable cockapoo, Poppy.

Danielle is represented by Clare Coombes of The Liverpool Literary Agency and published by Bookouture (Hachette UK). To find out more about Danielle, visit her website or follow her on social media

Facebook: @danniowenjonesauthor | Twitter: @danniow


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 I received a copy of this from Bookouture via NetGalley for a review and participation in Books-On-Tour.

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