the gratitude explorer workbook
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The Gratitude Explorer Workbook

A Network for Grateful Living, creators of the best-selling Everyday Gratitude and Wake Up Grateful present The Gratitude Explorer Workbook. This is for readers who want to start a gratitude practice or integrate gratitude into their lives with greater intention and consistency.

This interactive package acts as both a guide and a journal for recording thoughts and meditations. Dozens of writing prompts, guided meditations, and exercises for beginning and progressively deepening a daily gratitude practice are paired with quotations and space for writing and personalizing the book.

The beautifully designed gift package includes bonus features in the back: 10 quotation postcards, mini-cards for keeping in a wallet or leaving for others, conversation starters, gold star stickers and reusable affirmation stickers, as well as die-cut bookmarks for each section of the book.

My Review of The Gratitude Explorer Workbok

Since I had an e-book I worked through the book using my notebook.

There are three sections: becoming present, seeking perspective and awakening possibility.

Each section has prompts, questions and journaling with quotes and affirmations and meditation suggestions. Together with some lovely artwork this book was a joy to use.

This is a great book for those starting out on a gratitude practice as well as those of us seeking to go deeper into it.

I got an e-ARC of the workbook via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I’m considering buying a hard copy for use now.

About the Author

Kristi Nelson is the author of Wake Up Grateful and the executive director of A Network for Grateful Living. She has a master’s degree in public administration from the Harvard Kennedy School and has spent more than 30 years in nonprofit leadership, development, and consulting. She has worked at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and the Soul of Money Institute. Nelson is a Stage IV cancer survivor who cherishes living among friends and family in western Massachusetts.

A Network for Grateful Living is a global, nonprofit organization offering online and community-based educational programs and practices that inspire and guide a commitment to grateful living, and catalyze the transformative power of personal and societal responsibility. Based in Hadley, Massachusetts, they are the force behind the best-selling Everyday Gratitude and Everyday Gratitude Frame-Ups.

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