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We Belong Together

We Belong Together is another of Beth Moran’s books that I enjoyed. I’ve read her ‘How Not To Be A Loser’ and ‘Take a Chance on Me’.

We Belong Together

Eleanor Sharpley has been living a lie…

Needing to escape her London life quickly, Eleanor throws her things into the back of her car, and heads to her erstwhile best friend Charlie’s family farm.

But Charlie isn’t there. Instead she finds Charlie’s grieving brother Daniel, her eight-month old daughter Hope (a daughter Eleanor had known nothing about), and a crumbling and unloved Damson Farm.

Damson Farm lies at the edge of the village of Ferrington, with the river Maddon flowing at its heart. But Ferrington is a village divided by more than just a river – it is split in two by an age-old feud – between the Old Side and the New Side. Eleanor has run from her problems, straight into a family and a world that has problems of its own.

But Damson Farm has magic too, and as winter gives way to spring, the old farm starts to come to life under Eleanor’s love and care. The orchard starts to blossom with daffodils and bluebells, and the sound of bees busy in their hives fills the warming air.  Can Eleanor bring Daniel and the feuding village of Ferrington back to life too, or will her secrets catch up with her first?

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My Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When Eleanor’s life comes crashing down, it seemed only natural for her to head off to her old friend Charlie’s family farm. There she learns that Charlie is no more and finds Daniel, Charlie’s grieving brother trying to look after his sister’s baby daughter, Hope and run Damson Farm. Eleanor is drawn to step in and help. She begins to look for creative ways to help revive the farm and patch up an age old feud that divides the village of Ferrington.

But all the while she’s hiding a secret. She is being hounded and threatened and never knows when her past will catch up with her. As she grows closer to Daniel and Hope, she wonders whether she can continue to hide this secret – afraid that Daniel will reject once he learns about her.

When things seems to be looking up and the farm starting to thrive and the villagers reluctantly putting aside their old feud, all hell breaks loose. Eleanor’s past visits the farm, putting her life and her relationship with Daniel at risk.

Will they be able to move forward despite it all?

I was hooked on to this story from the very first page. A well paced story, with a variety of elements – grief, fear, hope, friendship, laughter, community, mystery, suspense and above all love.

It was also a story of redemption. Trying to live up to what her friend Charlie would want for her and her love for Daniel, propels Eleanor to move beyond the past she’s not proud of. Yet, she can’t bring herself to trust Daniel with truth. Daniel too struggles with trust. Their growth as individuals and as a couple are heartening.

An enjoyable read, that was certainly more than just a romance!

Meet The Author

beth moran

Beth Moran is the author of three previous romance novels, including Making Marion. She regularly features on BBC Radio Nottingham and is a trustee of the national women’s network Free Range Chicks. She lives on the outskirts of Sherwood Forest. Beth’s first novel for Boldwood, Christmas Every Day, was published in September 2019.

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Thank you to Boldwood Books, Rachel’s Random Resources and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my review.

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