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Happy Relationships

Happy Relationships At Home, Work & Play

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Why do some relationships give us great joy and others become toxic? What role do we play in our relationships? Are our relationship skills weakening in the age of social media? From the moment we are born we rely on others for our survival. But as we get older, we can sometimes find relationships upsetting and frustrating. In this insightful, warmly written book, psychotherapist Lucy Beresford cuts to the chase of how to have harmonious, fulfilling relationships. Whether it’s with our partner, our kids, our boss, or our mother-in-law, or perhaps most importantly ourselves, all our relationships require—at some stage in our lives—a little bit of tender loving care. A helpful toolkit in dealing with everyday dilemmas, Happy Relationships at Home, Work & Play will boost your confidence, encourage insight, and empower you to be the best you can be in all your relationships.

The author:

lucy beresford
Lucy Beresford is a novelist, psychotherapist and broadcaster. She works at The Priory Hospital, Roehampton, and in private practice. She is also the Agony Aunt for Psychologies and appears regularly on national and international television and radio, talking about mental health and well-being. Her first novel, Something I m Not (Duckworth) looks at change and reinvention and her short story A Tender Meditation has just been published by Untitled Books. She is working on her second novel, set in a psychiatric clinic in India.
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My brief review: ☆☆☆
I like the style of the book – lots of agony aunt type letters which the author responds to in detail.
Another nice feature are the text boxes with top tips.
Sample this ‘letter’ from the section on Social Media:

Sophie’s letter
I’m twenty years old and I’ve been cyber-bullied since I was seventeen. I’ve tried ignoring the tweets and I’ve closed down my Facebook account. Yet this has added to my sadness, as it’s not harder to stay in touch with some of my friends. It’s making me so miserable and I’ve lost loads of weight. What can I do?
Regards, Sophie

Letters like this bring out various issues in relationships which the author answers with general advice.
She follows them with ‘Top Tips’.
For example, the Top Tip in this section on cyber bullying is

Do not reply to trolls, If you think you’re about to reply, get up and do something else (listen to music, phone a friend) until the urge passes.

I also liked the various relationships covered – ourselves, parents, close friends, significant others, children, etc.
I found the advice a little simplistic at times.
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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