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The Little Board Game Cafe

The Little Board Game Cafe is Jennifer Page’s debut novel.

Book Description

An irresistible story of love, friendship and the power of Games Night, perfect for fans of Holly Martin and Christie Barlow.

When Emily loses her job, house and boyfriend all within a matter of days, she’s determined to turn a negative into a positive and follow her dream of running a small cafe in the gorgeous Yorkshire village of Essendale.

But she quickly finds she’s bitten off more than she can chew when the ‘popular’ cafe she takes over turns out to secretly be a failing business. Emily desperately needs a way to turn things around, and help comes from the unlikeliest of places when she meets local board game-obsessed GP Ludek. But when a major chain coffee shop opens on the high street, Emily is forced to question if she’ll ever be able to compete.

Has she risked everything on something destined to fail? Or can a playful twist, a homely welcome, and a sprinkle of love make Emily’s cafe the destination she’s always dreamed of?

‘A heart-warming romance perfect for curling up with. I absolutely loved it’ – Kitty Wilson

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My Review of The Little Board Game Café

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When Emily is suddenly made redundant by her employer, who happens to be her boyfriend, she is left without an income, a boyfriend or a home. She starts to revisit the dream she shared with her mother, to start a cafe.

She buys an old cafe and attempts to do it up and run it as best she can. However, that doesn’t work out too well, despite her new found friend and GP, Ludek, lending her his board games to create a unique cafe. When chain coffee shop opens in the area, Emily believes it’s curtains for her little cafe. But life gives her another chance when her Dad decides to pitch in money and her friends, including, Ludek, give her the much needed moral support. Will this second attempt at her dream survive? Also will she find her life companion while she pursues her dream.

I loved the array of characters in this story. Emily attempting to put her loss aside and soldier on, her Dad finding it hard to get on with life, Ludek with his obsession for board games, and the community that supports Emily.

A sweet story of putting aside one’s fears to work on your dreams and allowing life and love to lead you.

I will certainly be looking out for the next novel from Jennifer!

The Author

Jennifer Page wrote her first novel – a book about ponies – when she was eight. These days she prefers to write romance. When she isn’t writing, Jennifer can usually be found playing board games which are the inspiration for her first novel. She has worked as a television producer, a music teacher and has even run a children’s opera company. She now lives near Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire with her husband and his large collection of games.

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