The Word Is Love
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The Word Is Love

Finding love closer than you think it might be is what The Word Is Love is all about.

Book Description

Lucky in life but unlucky in love, Lucy Greenfield owns a successful carriage business along with her best friend Max, and they have never been busier since their shire horses gained fame from their roles in the hit movie A Little in Love.

Too busy for romance, Lucy is surprisingly swept off her feet when Spencer arrives seeking help with his horse, and something more from Lucy. As quickly as Lucy falls, she wonders if all is not as it seems. Max can prove it, but that means he will have to express his true feelings for Lucy.

Relationships are strained as secrets unravel, and Lucy needs to solve the riddle of words to best describe how she feels… For her best friend.

Together, they must overcome what’s keeping them apart before it’s too late, if they are going to realise that the word is love.

The Word Is Love

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My Review of The Word Is Love

Lucy and Max live in Weddington -they work together and live in the same house, and have been doing that for years since Lucy’s father passed away. Lucy’s father took Max in when he was quite lost, taught him all he knows about horses and treated him like a son. So it was natural that Lucy treated Max like a brother.

Although their carriage business is doing okay, it always seems like they are taking loans to keep the business afloat. Max handles the finances and Lucy has no idea how things stand exactly.

When a smart looking Spencer arrives on the scene to board his horse with them, he starts to woo Lucy, much to Max’s irritation. Will Spencer turn out to be the love of her life or will she find love elsewhere.

The characters were all well etched out – you couldn’t not love Lucy and Max and not be irritated by Lucy’s Mum who means well, but is quite bossy and demanding.

I enjoyed this story which was full of little twists, humour, romance and lovely horses!

The Author – Florence Keeling

I was born in Coventry but now live in Nuneaton. I married the love of my life over 20 years ago and we have two almost grown up children. We share our lives with two mad dogs as well.

Writing is a great passion of mine, that one day I hope to be able to turn into a career but until that day comes, I will continue working in accounts and payroll.

I also write for children as Lily Mae Walters.

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I received a copy of this from Rachel’s Random Resources or a review and participation in the blog tour.

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