The Landlord of Hummingbird House
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The Landlord of Hummingbird House

When April moves into Hummingbird House, she is intrigued by her mysterious landlord, Dai.

With a bruised heart and a distinct lack of furniture, she spends the summer getting to know the other occupants. As she smartens up her home and makes peace with her recent past, she befriends Paul, a solitary ex-chef, and Betty, an elderly lady who lives in the basement flat.

But Hummingbird House holds many secrets, and the relationships of the tenants are not as straightforward as they seem. April learns some shocking truths one eventful night, and realises that victims and villains can look the same.

The Landlord of Hummingbird House is a contemporary novel exploring unlikely friendships, unexpected love interests, and family relationships. Here, everyone is in need of a second chance – and appearances can be deceptive.

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My Review of The Landlord of Hummingbird House

Rating: 4 out of 5.

April, a school teacher seems to have it all – a job she loves, a man she’s devoted to and a house that they share that she loves decorating. That is until the man she loves tells her he no longer loves her. In her thirties, she has to start over. She moves in Hummingbird House and is the latest tenant there. Not sure what to expect from the other occupants,

She first encounters Dai who seems unfriendly and unhelpful as a landlord. Next is Paul, a fastidious man who is a great cook. Then the others including a sweet old lady, Betty. The occupants of Hummingbird House seem to form a family, albeit a dysfunctional one. All of them seem to be very protective of Dai who April still can’t figure out.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story of this little community who look out for each other. I love all the characters – each of them struggling with their own inadequacies and yet ready to help the other.

Community, acceptance, friendship and romance make this rather poignant story a very believable and unforgettable one.

Meet The Author

Jane Harvey is a pen name (shhh). She crafts fun fiction for the thinking woman, where she enjoys exploring unexpected friendships and writing happy endings. This is lucky, because in real life her (prize-winning) fiction is a little bleaker. She was born and raised on the island of Jersey, and lives with two males and a dog. She owns an admirable collection of animal vases and unusual lighting.

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