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Summer At The Vineyard

Although I’ve heard about Fliss Chester’s books, Summer At The Vineyard is the first book of I’ve read.

Summer At The Vineyard


Grab a glass and head to the South of France for fun and flirtation amongst the vines…

Jenna Jenkins needs to get away. She’s been unceremoniously sacked from her job and it’s make or break time with her boyfriend Angus, so a summer job at the beautiful Chateau Montmorency in the south of France seems like the perfect solution.

Planning the party of the century, dining out with suave Frenchmen, and giving in to a little temptation among the vines are all in a day’s work… but is there a secret lurking in the chateau cellars?

Caught in a trap she can’t talk – or drink – herself out of, Jenna is well and truly corkscrewed. Things are really hotting up under the sun when a mysterious benefactor helps her out of her jam. But why does he seem so familiar…?

A sparkling summer read, fizzing with flirtation! Perfect for fans of Jilly Cooper, Shari Low, Tracy Bloom, Jenny Oliver and Heidi Swain.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Out of a job and feeling a bit pressured by living in a tiny flat with her boyfriend, Jenna decides to take up the offer of a summer job in a beautiful chateau and vineyard in the south of France. She’s the maid of honour for her friend’s wedding that is to be held in the chateau and that makes it even more important for her to be there.

But something goes amiss and she needs rescuing! And then comes a familiar figure to help her. Who is he?

The book has several interesting characters and is set in a lovely locale.

However, while the premise of the book was good – a lighthearted romance set in wonderful, sunny France, I just couldn’t get into it completely.

Author bio

fliss chester

Fliss Chester spent ten years as a journalist, writing about lifestyle and interiors, sampling the offerings in London’s bars and restaurants, press junkets and parties. Now she is co-owner of an independent wine merchant, based in the Surrey Hills. Never one to let a holiday get in the way of a wine tasting, Fliss adores combining her love of wine with her passion for writing – and has tasted her way around France, Spain and even Georgia while writing her novels.

I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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