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Vicki’s Work of Heart

Having read a few of Rosie Dean’s books I was looking forward to reading another of her books and was not disappointed. Rosie’s novel, Vicki’s Work of Heart, is on a birthday blog tour today, organised by Rachel of Rachel’s Random Resources

Stranded at the altar, knee-deep in her fiancé’s gambling debts, Vicki Marchant seizes her freedom and moves to France, to paint.
It’s her time. No man will get in the way of her ambition again.
She learns two things: some men are hard to resist, and her judgement of them is still on the dodgy side.

Review of Vicki’s Work of Heart

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When Vicki Marchant was left at the altar by her long time boyfriend, she decides to turn her wedding reception into a celebration. And that pretty much sums up the kind of girl she is!

Feisty, focused and wanting to go after her dreams, Vicki, gives up her job as an art teacher and goes to France to follow her dream of becoming an artist. Her old friend, Isabelle, helps her to find a place to stay with Christophe, a vet. In return for rent free accommodation, Vicki agrees to cook for him.

When she meets art critic/journalist, Daniel, and starts to spend time with him, Christophe does not approve. But Vicki is very impressed with Daniel’s connections and his constant encouragement of her work. While she is drawn to him, Vicki also feels a great spark of attraction for Christophe. But he seems withdrawn and distant.

Then once again, Vicki is let down by someone she trusts and this time it affects Christophe and his family too. Will he forgive her for this? Will she be able to continue to live under his roof? More importantly, can she go back to focusing on her art?

I loved the characters in this story. Vicki comes across as a loveable character with self-deprecating humour, a good cook, and someone who loves easily. Christophe too with his sudden disappearances and seemingly dark secrets makes for a great character. I also liked Christophe’s mother and Francois, the artist who despite his penchant for too much wine seems like a lovable person. I feel like there should be a follow up story from the author on Isabelle.

Another enjoyable story from Rosie Dean!

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Meet The Author

Vickis Work of Heart

Rosie Dean has been writing stories and plays since she was big enough to type. After studying ceramic design and gaining a ‘degree in crockery’ as the man in her life calls it, she became an Art & Pottery teacher. Seven years later, she moved into corporate world, writing training courses and marketing copy until the lure of being a full-time writer became irresistible.

Her passion is to write entertaining love stories that can make a reader chuckle, laugh out loud or, occasionally, feel a lump in the throat. Most of all, she loves developing the characters who inhabit her stories – eccentricities and screwball scenarios pop up in all of her work. Some of these characters have four legs – because animals offer an interesting counterpoint to human dramas.

Vicki’s story is close to Rosie’s heart. Once an art teacher herself, and going through a difficult time, she would dream of escaping it all to paint. From these dreams, she wrote Vicki’s Work of Heart

Rosie lives on the Isle of Wight, and can see the sea from her writing den.

Connect with Rosie Dean

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  1. Thank you, Corinne, for your lovely review. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story and the characters you met. Interesting, there is a theme developing in reviews about this book – readers want more. I may have to look into that…
    Thank you, as well, for being part of the Blog Tour.

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