It's Complicated
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It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated caught my eye because it’s a story about online dating, a subject I have had considerable experience with.

It's Complicated

Description of It’s Complicated

Michele is a middle-aged mother of two. Her world crumbles when she discovers that her partner is a cheat. Embarking on single life and like so many these days, she enters the world of online dating in the hope of finding her soul mate. How hard could it be?

She takes us through her online dating adventures, from site selection and safety guidelines to building her profile and matching with potential suitors. We are taken on the journey of Michele’s messaging, dates and hopes. Amongst those were some very lucky escapes…

Through her attempts at online dating, she encounters all types of men: the pen-friends who have no intentions of ever meeting her, the delusional, the dull, the workaholic, the alcoholics, the football crazy, the narcissist, the scammers and even a gold-digger! But above all, the so many that are leading a double life with the sole purpose of finding extra-marital excitement. All easily recognisable when questioned about their situation… The answer comes back as the same tuneless leitmotif: “It’s complicated.”

The search for true love is far more tortuous than she first anticipated, but having more time for herself leads her to get closer to a divorcee from her group of friends, someone she had known for years…

The author

Michele Paul is a Corporate Finance Manager living in Rochester. She says, “I know that the stories in my book relate to so many women of many age groups and backgrounds and I hope that they can reassure other daters that they are not alone. Throughout my years of dating, I amused my friends with my adventures and they encouraged me to write them down. I finally listened to their advise and put pen to paper…”

My review 4/ 5

I found this an easy and quick read. Michele comes across as a forthright woman who struggles to find love online. As a woman who has struggled to meet eligible men online myself, I could identify with several of her experiences. Yes, I met several frogs before I met my Prince. While like Michele, I can look back and laugh at these experiences, they were not all pleasant when they were happening. While there certainly are genuine men out there, like Michele says there are several who are just out there to have fun on the side!

I think while being humorous, the book serves as a cautionary guide for women (and men) entering the world of online dating.

Published by The Book Guild Publishing

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

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