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Quite A Catch #WordlessWednesday

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Joining Esha, The Sky Girl and Natasha at Natasha Musing for #WordlessWednesday today.


  1. Anagha Yatin Anagha Yatin

    Thats an amazing clear click! Which camera did you use for this, Corinne?
    The man definitely must have had a great dinner with his catch.

  2. A moment captured in time! Something tells me that must be Goa! I see a lot of that in Bengal too, where many families depend on the day’s catch for their livelihood! A tough life, no doubt. Thank you for sharing this lovely picture, Corinne!
    P.S. May I add the post to the linky?

    • Thanks, Esha. It’s actually Kerala. Yes, I know how the day’s catch makes all the difference to some families.
      I’ve added my post, thank you! ♥

  3. What a great idea to capture people’s moments in time. I really enjoy this picture. I can see movement in it and I like how the man’s arm is stretched out. He seems to be open to what is coming next.

  4. Natasha Natasha

    I was in Goa last December, an untouched village in North Goa. Every afternoon a local from the village; an old man, in rags literally, would turn up with his handmade fishing rod and spends hours patiently catching his supper by the river bank. It was indeed a sight to behold as we sat sunning ourselves and soaking in the quititude.
    It is always so calming to witness this process. Your lovely shot brought those memories flooding back.
    I agree with Esha, it’s a tough life no doubt but one bereft of the complexities of cities. And what a pleasue it must be to dig into your own fresh catch of the day.
    Thank you Corinne for linking up with #WordlessWednesday. Pleasure to have to with us. ❤️

  5. Beautiful picture captured. Waters and the coconut trees. God’s own country.

  6. That’s a good one. I love the surroundings 🙂 Clean and green.

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