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My Reading Challenges

I confess that I suffer from book love! 😉

book love


The greatest gift is a passion for reading – Elizabeth Hardwick

There was a time between 2007 and 2010 that I just went off books. I wondered how that could be.  And then I realized it was cataract that was causing my eyes to tire so easily. I couldn’t really read a book right through.
Post surgeries, my book reading started again. But when I got myself a Kindle e-reader, that’s when my reading went to new highs! The fact that I’m a book reviewer makes sure that my Kindle runneth over!
I’m really not the challenge sort, but I can’t resist taking up book reading challenges. Today I’m happy to share with you about the book reading challenges I’ve undertaken and how I’ve fared so far.

My reading challenges

2011 – target 50 – I read 34
2012 – target 100 – I read 100
2013 – target 125 – I read 139
2014 – target 200 – I read 143
2015 – target 200 –  will keep you posted!
I’ve signed up for the challenge on Goodreads and The Book Vixen – you can do that too.
2015 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge
Do you love reading? How many books have you commited to reading this year?

This post was inspired by Vidya Sury’s Inspiring Quotes on Reading Books and Shilpa Garg’s Why I Read.
I’m proud to be a Write Tribe Pro Blogger.

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