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Accepted Secured Significant

Book Description for Accepted Secured Significant
This text is a spiritual and inspirational journey for those drawn away from their purpose by the circumstances of their lives. This book is dedicated to those told they would never amount to anything.
It is for those told they would be just like their mother or father, that they are idiots, mistakes, and failures. It is for the pushed aside and ignored. It is for those under shadow, and for those abused from childhood. It is for the molested, and the ones told that no one loves them and no one ever would. It is for the misled and mistreated. It is for the suicidal. It is for the victims of domestic violence and abusive relationships. It is for those in spiritual bondage, and those who don’t believe in themselves. It is for those suffering from cancer or other diseases. It is for the motherless, fatherless, jobless, and homeless. It is for the depressive and anxious, the lonely and isolated. This book is for the hopeless.
To my brothers and sisters who need a way out: This book was written just for you. It is to polish your existence and your purpose on this earth.
This book was inspired and written by the Holy Spirit to assure you that, as a child of God, you no longer have to feel bound by labels and curses spoken over the course of your life. God wants to reinforce in your heart how valuable you are and how much you mean to Him. He wants you to know that through Him, you are Accepted, Secured, and Significant.
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Author’s Bio
Kemley Whiteside is a native of the Republic of Panama, a survivor and overcomer. Kemley resides in the state of New Jersey with her husband and children.
Kemley Whiteside
She is ordained to help build by empowering, igniting, and fulfilling people into their purpose. She is a life-coach, mentor, inspiration, motivational speaker, and a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
She is the survivor of an anxiety disorder, depression, cancer, Lyme disease, domestic violence, and suicide. She is the survivor of physical, emotional, and mental abuse. These obstacles have strengthened her life and her purpose.
She is a woman birthing life to others by embracing them with confidence, and helping them achieve their calling. Kemley Whiteside earned her MA in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University, and her MBA in Project Management from Ashford University. She holds a BS in Information Technology from Phoenix University and has over fifteen certifications.
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Author Interview
You have journeyed through very difficult circumstances to reach a place in life where you motivate and inspire others. What motivated you to write this book?
All of my circumstances in my life has given me a new outlook in helping to motivate and inspire others. The motivation in writing this book, came from feeling hopeful. I was in a very painful place in my life when I wrote my book. It was during the pain that I realized that everyone goes through these challenges in life, and the only way to get out is to see the hope of the future. No matter how others have treated you or done wrong to you, I felt that the pay to overcome it is to remain being yourself. It was an awakening to let me know that I don’t have to pay evil with evil.
How did you choose the title – Accepted, Secured and Signficant?
The interesting thing about the title is that during my circumstance I felt like I needed to be mean so I said the words to those who harmed me by abbreviating these letters A.S.S. which was not intended to be in the good terms. So instead of feeling like that towards these people, the Spirit of God fell upon me and at that very moment those words turned into something positive in my heart. God said to me that no matter how things or people are against me that in Him I am Accepted, Secured, Significant.
If there’s one takeaway a reader could get from this book, what would you like it to be?
I would like for people to see this book as a transformational book. No matter what life brings, it is good to have in your heart the love of Christ. It transformed me and made me a better person which is what I would love for readers to get out from the book.
What would you say is the single biggest factor that keeps you motivated?
My family and ministry keeps me motivated. Seeing people be set free is one of the greatest motivations in my heart.


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