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Who Shall I Be Today

Who Shall I Be Today?

A woman can never be “just” a woman. She is a million people in one person.
“Who shall I be today?” is a collection of poems that delves into what makes up a woman. It talks of a mother’s love and fears; a woman’s search for herself; the yearnings of the heart for that someone special. It tells of
the hurt and pain that love brings, and the courage to pick up the pieces and start over again.

You will find tears and smiles, pain and pride. You will find fear and courage, nostalgia and anticipation. You will find woman in all her avatars.
“Who shall I be today” by Sunita Saldhana is something written from the heart. It is a celebration of womanhood. It is guaranteed to touch the soul of every woman who reads it.
The author was kind enough allow me to  this book in advance of this post to a few special readers for their review. Let me quote from a review by Ankita Shukla:

She writes about her affection towards words, the joy of being a woman, a woman’s capability of putting on a face as per her mood, a girl’s journey to adulthood, the delight of raising a kid and the sadness of watching them emptying the nest, the unbearable and dreadful feeling of loneliness, and many more memories. I enjoyed accompanying her as she revealed her deepest and buried wishes. The delivery of her sentiments through poetry has been praiseworthy.  Read the entire review here….

The author:
Sunita Saldhana is a 51 year old writer and life coach. She runs the Know & Grow Learning Centre where
she conducts courses in Creative Writing and Life Skills for Kids and Adults. She absolutely loves being a woman with all its myriad facets and believes in finding joy in small things in life.
Sunita calls herself a retired mom, now that both her kids have flown the nest. She says that this finally
gives her the time to be a full time writer.
You can find more of her writings on her blog
Book Extract:
And it moves again
Creating a different pattern
Old relationships gone
Some forever lost.
New ones just emerging,
Before they change again.
Tentative bonds,
Seeking permanence.
Beliefs once held sacred
Now crumble into nohting.
Newer thoughts form
And change and merge again.
Habits of a lifetime
Sit uncomfortably.
Different things now fill my day
What was and what is
Forming patterns;
Patterns always change.
The kaleidoscope of life.


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