I Had Embraced You

“I had embraced you…
long before I hugged you.”
― Sanober Khan, A Thousand Flamingos

I had seen you
Long before I met you
I had dreamed of you
Long before we connected
I had heard you
Long before I spoke to you
I had embraced you
Long before I hugged you.

Yet I lost sight
Of my dreams
The connection
The voice….
I began to look for you
In people who
Couldn’t connect with me

Couldn’t hear me
Couldn’t see me
And certainly couldn’t
Embrace me.

Then abandoned, lonely
Lost and bone-weary
I gave up the search
For you.
That’s when you reappeared
Not in my dreams this time
The voice, the sight, the hugs
I recalled them all
When I embraced you for real.

Writing for Kate Motaung’s Five Minute FridayFive Minute Friday. The prompt is ‘Embrace’.

Picture via Pexels


10 Thoughts

  1. Only today I was having a discussion on do we stay with someone because of the fear of being lonely. Do we settle with someone even though we can’t connect. Lots of whatifs… I digress 🙈
    I loved how your thoughts started with a dream, went on to a struggle and then ended on a happier note of finding someone or something meaningful.


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