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corinne rodrigues

About Plain ole’ Corinne Rodrigues

Paraphrasing Julia Roberts in Notting Hill, “I’m just a writer standing before a reader and asking you to read me”. However, I’m sure you’d like to know what makes me who I am.

Very simply, I’m a woman happily journeying through midlife. I’m moving towards self-acceptance and enjoying being myself. I’m enjoying taking life nice and slow, all the while trying to discover more about myself, my role in the world and what makes the world go round!

Despite my non-Indian sounding name (thank my Goan roots for that), I am an Indian and reside in Secunderabad, South India.

José and I got married in 2007 and lived in Mumbai for a few years, until we moved to Secunderabad. We’re both avid readers and also dog lovers. We lost our lovely boxer, Pablo, early 2021, but continue to enjoy our sweet Lucky, who bravely tries to keep Pablo’s blog – Pawesome Wisdom going!

Writing and Blogging

Although I have always dreamed of writing that one book that I would leave as a legacy, it wasn’t until late 2007 that I began to write in earnest.

I started to blog as an experiment. Little did I realize that blogging would become my passion and my business. I love how I am able to connect with so many people around the world through it. People like YOU, dear reader!

My book/s are a work in progress and I hope to have them out in the next two years. Stay tuned.

Everyday Gyaan

Life has been very good to me and I’ve discovered gratitude to be a life-changing attitude. I am also striving to be authentic and live a simple and holistic life. I am daring to be my best self. I write about my personal journey towards self-acceptance, reflect on everyday stuff and share my beliefs. Find out more about Everyday Gyaan here.

The Frangipani Creative

My background in training and my desire to encourage self-discovery and creativity in others has led me to set up a small, off-line business which I call The Frangipani Creative, so named because of my love of the frangipani flower. While this space has hosted some in-person blogger meetings, courses and coaching sessions, with the pandemic, it’s only me in the studio (view video below to see how peaceful it is!). My courses and coaching will soon be offered online. Check out The Frangipani Creative Blog and podcast.

Given my love for words – I read a lot – roughly a 100 books a year. You can my book reviews here. I love both fiction and non-fiction – especially in the self discovery/ personal development area.

Welcome to my world. Do make yourself at home!

For details regarding courses, coaching and writing/social media services, contact me here or here and we can set up mutually convenient time to talk.