Corinne Rodrigues

A Lover Of Words

Dog Ears #TwitterInspired

Today's Twitter inspiration came to me via a retweet from Modern Gypsy I've always prided myself on keeping my books neat, but this tweet, makes me rethink this practice. It is okay to dog ear pages. It is okay to draw in books. Doodles. Margin notes. Highlights. Books are to be interacted with, argued with, marked, loved. A book belongs to the reader as much as the writer. The reader should let the book know they exist. — Matt Haig...

Dashboards #TwitterInspired

Dashboards can be a huge distraction. Don't mistake what you can measure for what matters. Can you measure caring? Can you measure love? Can you measure meaning? If someone cares for, loves, and finds meaning in anything they'll do it well and be well. Simple and hard as that. — Brad Stulberg (@BStulberg) May 30, 2018  

Letting Go Of The Shoulds

Should A word I keep repeating to myself You've should have You should You know you should have.... Should A word that spells Regrets Perceived failure Blame Even self-loathing.... Letting go of the shoulds Is what I choose to do Letting go of regret And letting in gratitude Letting go of blame And letting in grace.   “Should is a futile word. It's about what didn't happen. It belongs in a parallel universe. It belongs in another...