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Listen To The Rain

The pain and longing was intense. At age 16, with heightened emotions, Priya couldn’t imagine how she could live another day without meeting Vikrant. Granted that their apartment blocks faced each other, but not being able to meet him was terrible. Even worse, her phone had been confiscated by her parents, to prevent her getting distracted (or so they thought).

The heavy rain was making things worse today. As she peered out of her bedroom window, to get a glimpse of Vikrant, the light in his bedroom came on and he came to the window. He disappeared for a brief moment and was back with a large sign which read, ‘Listen to the rain. It’s a reminder that I love you.’ She smiled and vowed to never forget this moment.

Ten years later, Priya was pacing about the house. Her pregnancy was making her restless and anxious. The heavy rain hitting the tin roof of the makeshift home on the Army base wasn’t helping. Her husdand had been gone for four months now on a tour of duty and who knew when he would return. What if she died in childbirth…. ? What if he died in combat? How would she cope? Her thoughts racing, she heard the door bell ring!

Rushing to the door and fearing the worst, she opened the door tentatively. The man at the door took her in his arms and said, “Listen to the rain…..”

Her Vikrant was home and safe. All was well.

Linking to the Bloganuary prompt for today : Write a short story or poem about rain.

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