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How I Am Brave

We all have different notions of what bravery is. These are based on culture and also on our personal life experiences. For some people climbing mountains or diving deep in the oceans is bravery – and I respect that. I’m not physically brave at all!

How I Am Brave

I am brave by daring to call out things that I think were wrong in my family. That I had, sadly, to finally sever ties with some of my family required me to be strong. No one won. But I freed myself from a lot of toxicity.

In the last couple of years, I, together with my husband, have had to stand up to protect the rights of the stray dogs that live in our housing complex. They are supposedly protected by the law, but people refuse to accept that. In the last two months, we faced scapegoating over the fact that we feed these dogs. It was easy to give up – but we dug our heels in.

I am brave for standing up against corruption in an organization that I had invested so much of myself in. That I lost a lot of old friends and acquaintances because of this, showed the depth of my willingness to stand up for what’s right.

I’m sorry if this sounds like a lot of hot air and me blowing my trumpet. Working on myself has taken a lot of courage. And while I am a work in progress, today, I’m going to crow about how far I’ve come!


And finally, I’m brave because I dare to show up every day on the page – through the Morning Pages practice and now by doing this daily writing here.

How are you brave?

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