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Wake Up Grateful

What does it mean to truly live gratefully, every day? In Wake Up Grateful, Kristi Nelson, executive director of A Network for Grateful Living, unlocks the path to recognizing abundance in every moment, and gives readers the tools to bring this transformational shift in perspective into their daily lives. Nelson goes beyond the proverbial question of… Read More Wake Up Grateful

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The Broken Ones

I enjoyed Their Silent Graves, Book #7 of the Carla Kovach’s Detective Gina Harte series. So it was without hesitation that I decided to read and review I The Broken Ones, Book #8 in the series. The Broken Ones Amber applies a dash of red lipstick and checks herself out in the mirror before heading… Read More The Broken Ones

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The Wedding

The Wedding is a psychological thriller from a new author to me and I’m happy to review it today. The Wedding Just four words were printed in the card. He doesn’t love you. I’ve been dreaming about this day – marrying Adam, my childhood sweetheart, who I’ve loved for eighteen years. I didn’t realise the perfect… Read More The Wedding