Day: February 14, 2021

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The Dream That Held Us

“The Dream That Held US took me on an exquisite exploration if a love that crosses boundaries of time and culture.”  Angela Barton author of Arlette’s Story, Magnolia House and You’ve Got My Number “Deeply imbued with a certain wistfulness and haunting sense of loss brought out by the end of a glorious summer… Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang’s latest novel is a sensitive and skilful exploration of love, longing, and whether life sometimes relents to give us second chances.” Osama Siddique – author of Snuffing Out the Moon “This book carries a universal message about love and finding your way in

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Centered by Jason Brown

Centred by Jason Brown is a riveting story of a top-earning NFL center and his family who walked away from it all to follow God’s call to alleviate hunger as farmers—a life they knew absolutely nothing about—illustrates the sacrifice and ultimate reward of obedience to our heavenly Father even when it doesn’t make earthly sense. “A remarkable story where family, deep self-reflection, and an unshakable belief in a path predestined by God triumph over fortune and comfort.”—John Harbaugh, head coach of the Baltimore Ravens Centered by Jason Brown NFL lineman Jason Brown had everything in the world. He was the