Help Save 12000 Trees? #writebravely

Many Write Tribe members are tree lovers. In fact, one of our members, Parul Thakur runs a weekly linky to share images of trees. So today, we’re blogging for a cause. Our member, Damyanti Biswas is making an appeal to us to help save 12000 trees.

Given the chance, would you help save 12,000 trees?

Imagine you’re trapped in a smoke-filled room, and finding it very difficult to breathe. You’ll soon run out of air.

Then, imagine you have a few oxygen cylinders in the room, complete with tubes and masks to breathe from them.

Would you vandalise those cylinders, rendering them useless? Or would you treat them as precious commodity, use them and take every care of them you can?

This is the choice facing Delhi.

In the most polluted city in the world, the Central government wants to redevelop the accommodations of its officials, and in order to do so, the chopping down of 16,500 trees have been sanctioned. Some of these trees are decades old, and have been giving oxygen and filtering the air for the people in the surrounding area since before Indian independence. 4,500 trees are already gone. 12,000 trees hang in the balance.

The value of a fully-grown tree can’t be overestimated, but just to be annoying, I’ll add in what trees are worth, from this article:

“Trees can cool cities by between 2C and 8C. When planted near buildings, trees can cut air conditioning use by 30%, and, according to the UN Urban Forestry office, reduce heating energy use by a further 20-50%. One large tree can absorb 150kg of carbon dioxide a year, as well as filter some of the airborne pollutants, including fine particulates.

It’s hard to put a price on how an avenue of plane trees can muffle the roar of a main road, although trees do on average increase the value of property by 20%. Perhaps money does grow on them after all.”

Some of us concerned citizens are trying to end this absolutely criminal slaughter. 1,500 trees are already felled and the rest will be gone within weeks if we do not intervene.

There’s a petition here. Please sign and pass this on to friends and family—if we can gather a 1,00000 signatures, we can begin to make an impact.

On Twitter, please RT the tweets on the Tag #SaveTheTrees, and tag these people, who might be in a position to do something to stop this absolutely senseless and very harmful endeavour: @dr_maheshsharma @PMOIndia @IyengarJayanthi  CSEINDIA ArvindKejriwal moefcc drharshvardhan SushmaSwaraj narendramodi 

There are organisations that are gearing up to protest against the felling of these trees: there are alternative solutions like transplanting them to nearby available spaces. These are the organisations’ Facebook pages: New Delhi RisingNew Delhi Nature Society, and Delhi Trees SOS.
Please join the protests if you’re in Delhi: regular updates appear on these pages for the latest activities planned.

Thank you for listening, and please help save these trees before it is too late.

~ Damyanti

Damyanti loves trees, books, animals, people, often in that order. She loves creating imaginary people, and mourns the every day loss of nature and beauty from our planet.

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