The Write Tribe Festival Of Words Is Back #WTFOW

And so the Write Tribe Festival of Words is back!

Yes, I know you’ve been waiting for details. I’m sorry that life got in the way. Some of you know what I’ve been going through, and I’m so grateful for your understanding and good wishes. While that goes on, I’m determined, with the support of you all, to make the 6th Write Tribe Festival of Words an absolute success.

So what’s the Festival all about?

Since its inception, the Write Tribe Festival of Words has been a 7-day blogging challenge and that’s the way we’re keeping it. We’ve done themes before, including a theme based on the number 7! (I’m trying hard not to be my wicked self, but I couldn’t help saying that!)

This year, we’re keeping it simple. 7 prompts prompts for 7 days. Here are the prompts (inspired by WordPress Blogging University):

Day 1 (5 Aug/Sat) – Write about a treasure you have

Day 2 (6 Aug/Sun) – Share about a resource/s you have or use

Day 3 (7 Aug/Mon) – Feature a map and write about a place either real or virtual

Day 4 (8 Aug/Tue) – Feature a day in your life or someone else’s life

Day 5 (9 Aug/Wed) – Write a letter

Day 6 (10 Aug/ Thu) – Feature a guest – a guest post / an interview

Day 7 (11 Aug/Fri) – ‘If we were  having coffee…….’

Please fill in the embedded form to register to participate. Once we receive your form we’ll send you more details about the Festival.

We’re really excited about this blogging challenge and are looking forward to seeing your creativity on display!

Sign up. Now! (Registrations have since been closed – next time!)


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