Write Tribe Is Back And So Are #WritingWednesdays

We’ve been away for so long that it’s entirely possible you’ve forgotten about our existence. Intermittently, I’ve been announcing that there are plans and new ideas afoot, but they’ve never really taken off in the way I expected them to. So instead of coming back with a big bang, we’ve decided to come back slowly and steadily and win back your readership and participation again. Suffice to say, Write Tribe is back and here to stay.

Write Tribe Is Back And So Are #WritingWednesdays

It was hard trying to come back here. I’ve been quite shame-faced about making promises that I haven’t kept. But I’m learning how much more important self-forgiveness is for creative folks like us. I was so happy to hear this from Elizabeth Gilbert (in Magic Lessons)

“I think one of the errors in thinking that I see people make when they start to embark on creativity is that they think the most important thing they need is discipline, when I think the most important thing you need is self-forgiveness. Because the only thing that’s going to get you back to work on day two is if you forgive yourself for how bad your work was on your work was on day one. And that’s not discipline, that’s just love.”
–Elizabeth Gilbert, Magic Lessons

I’ve made some big changes in my personal life in the last few months and it’s been hard sustaining blogging on one blog let alone two. So it’s with loads of self-forgiveness that I’m relaunching Write Tribe.

We’ve got good news

I’m happy to have on board the lovely and very talented Shalini Nair, from Kohl Eyed Me and Something’s Cooking. Those of you in the Write Tribe Facebook Group will remember her as the efficient lady who kept bloggers motivated through the recent A to Z Challenge. Welcome, Shalini.

In other news, we’ll shortly launch the Write Tribe Book Review Programme (with incentives beside books!), Giveaways and Writing Challenges, along with some other features that will be announced shortly. Do stay tuned and join us.

Writing Wednesdays

So we’re starting another round of #WritingWednesdays. We look forward to you telling us about topics you’d like covered here.


Prompt: Respond to the quote:

“I like criticism. It makes you strong.” —LeBron James



Author: Corinne Rodrigues

Lover of words | Self-acceptance blogger | Instructional designer| Book Reviewer| Blog Coach

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