Naari and Period Pride | Blogging Competition #PeriodPride

We are happy to announce a Blogging Competition on Write Tribe. We are, in our small way, supporting  Naari, a product and service based social entrepreneurial venture in their efforts  to spread awareness about  menstrual hygiene among women. Our effort is to create a buzz around their forthcoming event, Period Pride – a day long event being conducted in Hyderabad for adoloscent girls from underprivileged backgrounds.   FWB (FTAPCCI women in Business) under the leadership of its President, Ms Suman Rangabhashyam has joined hands with Naari in this cause. FWB believes in providing an inclusive platform for women where they get opportunities to work with dignity and in tandem with men.

I’m happy to have Anju Arora, President and Founder of Naari share her thoughts with you today.

Naari and Period Pride

We have seen  women of our household, neighbours, friends and peers facing immense discomfort during mensuration. This is  due to a lack of appropriate hygiene practices and the absence of accurate information  among mothers. This misinformation, unfortunately gets passed on to their daughters in form of menstrual myths, stigmas and taboos.

How Naari came to be

The idea to address women regarding such issues and help them overcome these began around two years ago when I accidently came across the reality of how my fellow women became uncomfortable just at the mention of the word ‘menstruation’. I could feel a sense of shame among them as if they wanted to escape from this topic. It was strange for me for I couldn’t comprehend resistance towards this phenomenon which is as natural and biological as breathing.

This is how Naari as a concept came into existence. On our journey to spread awareness, we came across some staggering facts which reinforced our belief that this issue needs to be addressed. While we knew it needs to be addressed among the lesser privileged women of our society, we also realised that urban educated women too needed some coaching on this.

Some startling facts

Based on some statistics available from research done by DASRA and A.C. Nielsen, some facts came to light:

  • Around 70% of mothers consider Menstruation ‘dirty’ and ‘polluting’ – and unfortunately pass this bias, stigma and superstition to their daughters.
  • Around 71% girls reported they were completely unprepared for their first period.
  • An average woman disposes 125 -150 kg of menstrual products in her lifetime. Considering the number of menstruating women in India, they would generate 58,500 million pads of waste/year.
  • A disposable pad is made up on 90% of plastic derivatives and takes up 500-800 years to decompose. Chemicals like Dioxin which is found in disposable sanitary napkins is a known carcinogen and has been linked to ovarian cancer, abnormal growth in reproductive organs, impaired thyroid and immune dysfunction. Dioxin has even been added by WHO in their list of Dirty Dozen – List of 12 harmful chemicals.

Hence it’s vital that women are educated to understand menstruation as a natural process and bring an end to the shame attached with it. This will also help women imbibe confidence in their daughters and prepare them for a better tomorrow.

Based on these facts we came up with our Support Programs and Naari’s three main pillars of strength are:
1. Green Period Program

– Educating Urban Women about adopting Green Menstrual Practices and eradicate harmful chemicals from menstrual practices

2. Sukhad Mahavaari Abhiyaan

– Addressing young girls and women from Less Privileged strata about adopting basic hygiene practices to manage menstruation, importance of nutrition and uninterrupted access to sanitary products

3. Safe Disposal

– One of the common issues observed in all strata’s was lack of knowledge and infrastructure to dispose used sanitary products in appropriate ways. We educate women about impacts of inappropriate sanitary waste disposal on our health and environment. We introduce them to the concept of incinerating used napkins in effective ways.

Period Pride

Period Pride is an effort to spread awareness among 200 less privileged girls of a service home in Hyderabad. These are adolescent girls and unaware of importance of hygiene during menstruation. They adopt any means available to manage Menstruation and deal with the physical discomforts that follow. Period Pride is an effort to give them an experience of using sustainable and eco friendly Hygiene and Menstrual products.

We would love your support in spreading the word about our effort. To make this worth your while,  Write Tribe and we’ve put together a blogging competition. Details from Corinne.

The competition – opens 27 Aug and closes 2 Sept :

  1. Write a post about the subject of mensuration. Your post can deal with the taboos, myths and shame surrounding the subject and include your own experience, as far as possible. Now does that mean this is only for women? Not at all. Men, you have your own experiences as brothers, friends, husbands and fathers, we’d love to hear your voices too.
  2. Make sure you share the image below in your post.
  3. Add a link to this post within your post.
  4. Use the hashtag #PeriodPride in your title and social media sharing.
  5. Add your post to the linky below.
  6. Tweet this:

[clickToTweet tweet=” No more shame. Let’s talk about periods. #PeriodPride @NaariWellness  @WriteTribe @FTAPCCI” quote=” No more shame. Let’s talk about periods. #PeriodPride @NaariWellness and @WriteTribe”]

Prizes:  1st and 2nd prize – eco-friendly products made by women. The prize winners will have their posts featured on Naari’s blog on the We Are The City website.

Disclosure: Write Tribe has not received any compensation for this. We are doing this because we believe in the cause and are certain that your words can make a difference.



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