Here Come Writing Wednesdays #writingwednesdays

The last week was hectic, but so enjoyable. Thank you all for making the Write Tribe Festival of Words #5 a huge success. I’m especially grateful to a band of lovely women who made this particular challenge easy to run and for their contributions through ideas and posts. A shout out to  Parul Thakur, Anamika Agnihotri, Esha Mookerjee-Dutta, Sanch Vee, Nabanita DharRicha Singh, Ankita Shukla and Vinitha Dileep.

Here Come Writing Wednesdays

We used to do Wednesday Prompts here in what seems a lifetime ago. Somehow we gave that up somewhere along the way.

Today we’re back with Writing Wednesdays #writingwednesdays.

Write Tribe exists  to encourage you to write. To write about subjects close to your heart. Things that happen in your daily life. Things that go on in  your head. Stories and characters within you that want to be shared. We want you to write because you need to.

And we’re here to provide you themes, challenges, prompts or just a space to share your writing. A space to get to know other writers. To learn and grow together – all of us becoming the best writers we can be.

I’m just going to write because I can’t help it. – Charlotte Brontë

Today we have no prompt. Just a linky and an invitation to add links to your posts from this week. The linky will be open until next Tuesday.

Need we remind you to comment on the posts of others and share the love (use the hashtag #writingwednesdays)? We think not. You will do the right thing!  🙂

bluewatercolour_400Wednesdays on Twitter : Blogchatter is India’s first weekly twitter chat on Blogging. And week after week on a Wednesday at sharp 8.30 PM IST they connect through a relevant topic and plenty conversations around it. This week they are discussing “Personal Brand and Facebook” continuing their detailed sessions of building an effective online Personal Brand.
If you are interested in blogging and social media then do follow them on twitter @blogchatter and perhaps register yourself on their website for more detailed campaigns.

Personal BrandingAnd Facebook (1)


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