Ignore The Hype #MondayMusings

When I first started blogging, I did it for the joy of writing, sharing and connecting with people. Then began all the must-do’s and the have-to’s. I began to sign up for posts from every blogging guru out there. Then I realized that they often contradicted each other. I noticed that Google kept changing its algorithm and it was so difficult to keep up. Some of the gurus were charlatans!

I decided to go back to the blogging basics, while keeping some things that I had learned down the line.

  • While I would like to write every day, I can’t always commit to it.
  • So I write as often as I like. While I believe in SEO, I don’t write keeping it in mind, I write and then attempt to make my post SEO friendly.
  • I continue to share on social media, but I also attempt to connect with several bloggers by following, visiting and commenting on their blogs.
  • I do monetize my sites, especially Everyday Gyaan,  but I won’t allow a brand to dictate to me exactly what to say. In the recent past, I’ve refused several paid posts for this reason alone.
  • I try to keep readers in mind and have recently moved stopped offering RSS updates by email for Everyday Gyaan. Considering the volume of my posts, I didn’t want to spam people’s inboxes. Instead, I’ve moved to a weekly newsletter (sign up now! 😉 )  and have received good feedback on it so far.

These are just some of what works for me. It’s up to you to figure out what works for you. But believe me when I say, just ignore the hype.

The infographic below says just that.

7 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid #infographic

You can also find more infographics at Visualistan


It is time for #MondayMusings and all you have to do is:

Write a post sharing your thoughts with us – happy, sad, philosophical, ‘silly’ even.  Make it as personal as possible.
Use the hashtag #MondayMusings and link to this post.
Add your link to the linky which you will find either here and on the post of a co-host.
Use our #MondayMusings badge to help other bloggers join in too.

My co-hosts today are Orana Velarde and Vinitha Dileep. Do read, comment and share on their posts too.

Here’s a reminder that Write Your Heart Out #WYHO is back every Friday.



Author: Corinne Rodrigues

Lover of words | Self-acceptance blogger | Instructional designer| Book Reviewer| Blog Coach

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