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The Probiotic Promise

Last year I had the pleasure to review  Weekend Wonder Detox and to connect with its author, Dr Michelle Schoffro Cook.

During the year, I’ve been experimenting with fermented foods, thanks in part, to my blogging friend Sarah Jackson who believes that fermented food is the new sexy! 😉 So when Dr Cook mentioned her new book, The Probiotic Promise: Simple Steps to Heal Your Body from the Inside Out, I was quick to want to read and review it.

About The Probiotic Promise

the probiotic promise

You’ve heard how beneficial probiotics are for gut health; new research reveals that they can do much more! Probiotics can also improve a host of other conditions, from allergies to arthritis, depression to obesity—they have even been shown to inhibit cancer and antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

Now Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook shares this groundbreaking research, demonstrating the link between gastrointestinal health and overall well-being. She offers concrete ways for you to use this extraordinary information, explaining how to use probiotics to address a range of medical issues.

In this cutting-edge prescription for overall wellness, you’ll discover:

  • specific strains of probiotics and the more than 50 conditions they can help
  • the benefits of incorporating probiotics into your day-to-day life
  • how to select the best supplement for your health concerns
  • tips for adding more probiotic-rich foods to your diet
  • more than 30 delicious and nutritious probiotic-rich recipes

The author:

Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD, DNM, ROHP, has two decades’ experience in the fields of natural health and holistic nutrition. The author of several bestselling books on health and wellness, she has been featured in First for Women, Woman’s World, the Huffington Post, and more. Dr. Cook is the publisher of the popular health e-newsletter World’s Healthiest News and is a regular blogger for,, and She lives in British Columbia, Canada.

Michelle Schoffro Cook

Connect with Dr Michelle Cook here:  / / Twitter:@mschoffrocook

Facebook: drschoffrocook

My review: [rating=4]

Dr Cook has mastered the art of explaining complex scientific terms in simple, easy-to-understand words. She does it in her articles and she has shown this skill again with The Probiotic Promise.

Detailing how our bodies can be so badly damaged by our choices of food and lifestyle and what role probiotic food can play in healing and prevention, the book proves the old adage ‘we are what we eat’. Using success stories, Dr Cook has shown how  Probiotics—the good bacteria—can help us in our battle against harmful bacteria and viruses, even antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections and superbugs. She talks about various ‘natural antibiotics’ and also different conditions from traveler’s diarrhea to heart disease.

The Probiotic Promise also details the various probiotic strains that are found to be effective. The book goes on to discuss various probiotic foods including seemingly faddish ones like soy, kefir and miso. There’s a bonus of some great, easy to make probiotic-rich food and I’m certainly going to be trying out those recipes soon.

This is one book, I would certainly recommend to those of us who are looking to live a healthier and more holistic lifestyle.

Dr Cook was kind enough to let me have pictures to make this graphic and I used the start of her Kimchi recipe to show you what you might be missing if you don’t buy the book! 😉

kimchi the probiotic promise

10 thoughts on “The Probiotic Promise

  1. Our family is big on probiotics as well-especially if we know we have a trip coming up. The kimchi recipe reminds me of my time living in South Korea. 🙂

  2. Corinne, many people will find this blog useful. I, for one as I have a digestion issue. Need to get onto a better intake of probiotics. We don’t realise but we refrigerate curds and kill all the do-good bacteria.

  3. Hi Corinne, I love anyone that can make complex scientific terms easy to understand. I have making my own yoghurt for years after being taught a simple method by the owner of an indian vegetarian cafe. I love kimchi to – it’s like sauerkraut with her ball gown, jewels, makeup and hair done up 🙂

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with you and with Dr. Cook about the value of probiotic foods. After a bout of soft-tissue infection in my right foot which required three rounds of antibiotics to tame, I needed to recharge my gut flora. A friend gave me some homemade kefir, a new experience. It tasted like buttered, cinnamon-apple toast.

    Miso will never grace my table, as it is just too stinky, and soy requires too many additions to give it any flavor. I am surprised that you label them as fads, though. Along with kombucha, another fermented beverage, they represent some of the easiest fermented foods to make and store other than sauerkraut and kimchi.
    Jack V Sage recently posted…Waegukin KimchiMy Profile

    1. I’m with you Jake. Kefir is beeeeautiful! You can eat/drink it so many ways as well. I drink it with fruit added, on it’s own, with cinnamon, make soft cheese with it and recently, healthy ice creams. It’s like one of nature’s best gifts! 🙂

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