It Is All About Me #MeDay #MondayMusings

Today is ‘Me Day’. Personally, I think every day should be a ‘me’ day, but who am I to say! 😉 March 16th was declared #MeDay by the creators Domain.Me who use this day to spread awareness about their website and to encourage everyone to get their own .Me domain!

It Is All About Me

Psychology Today has something to say about taking guilt-free ‘me-days’.

Schedule me-days. Our schedules are packed with responsibilities and activities for others. Without scheduling time for ourselves we will continuously wait for a time when things are less hectic or when we have achieved all of our goals. But such a time may never come. So plan a me-day ahead of time and put it in your schedule.

Give yourself permission. When your me-day comes, you wont be able to take full advantage of it if you’re consumed by guilt. To fight the guilt, use what we know about self-care: We are more productive, patient, and calm when we have allowed ourselves time to rest and unwind.

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It Is All About Me – A Write Tribe Competition

Let’s take this chance to celebrate ourselves. I invite you to

  1. Blog on the topic of #MeDay. Tell us how you would like to celebrate an ideal ‘me day’.
  2. Comment on this post.
  3. Add your post link to the linky below (it will be kept open for 10 days)
  4. Tweet this post and tag @WriteTribe and use the hashtage #MeDay
  5. Share this post on Facebook.

What’s in it for you?

a. I will share your posts on social media and

b. You have a chance to win a free .me domain of your choice. Yes, the best post will get a free .me domain (from courtesy Write Tribe.

So go ahead and write that post – and more importantly celebrate You. Because You are certainly worth celebrating!

PS: A reminder that the A to Z Theme Reveal is scheduled for 23rd March. If you haven’t added your link to the theme reveal linky, do so now here.



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