Writing Resolutions For 2015?

In our #MondayMusings Prompt, we asked you what your writing resolutions for 2015 were. And you shared some great ones.

Someone might tell me that it’s crazy to talk about writing resolutions for the year when January is almost over. Perhaps they’re right. But I think it’s easy to make resolutions at the start of the year which fizzle out by the middle of January! So I decided to wait until almost the end of the month, after I had tried some ideas out, to talk about my writing resolutions for 2015.


 writing resolutions

Writing Resolutions for 2015


I am attempting to write regularly and being part of the Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge helps. However, I’m not just talking about writing or blogging regularly. I’m talking about putting thought and effort into my writing. To write the kind of stuff I would like to read. And to write quality material regularly. There’s no point putting something out there just because we ‘have to’.

Do read this post from Jody Hedlund on the subject of consistency.


Whether we’re writing fiction or non-fiction, authenticity is key to having our writing resonate with others. Authenticity, to me means that we write to communicate rather than to impress. There’s nothing quite like clear and simple writing.

I’ve just read a post that I had to read more than once to understand what the author was attempting to say. His message was lost in flowery language and what I call ‘flubber’ (a nice word for BS) !

I would urge you to read Copyblogger’s 7 Tips For An Authentic and Productive Writing Process.


It’s easy to slot oneself into being one type of a writer.  I’m going to be experimenting with what I write about. I’m looking to collaborate with other writers and websites and explore other ways to be creative. Writing prompts, writing bursts, blog hops are just some of the ways we can be creative.  I plan to take a lot more risks with my writing.

To write something you have to risk making a fool of yourself. ~ Anne Rice

Connecting on blogs rather than on social media 

When I started blogging in 2008, connections were formed on blogs. We connected with each other about our posts. With the advent of Facebook, we tend to move conversations to social media and often lose focus and forget why we connected at all. This year, I’m focussing on commenting on blogs. While I am a part of some great Facebook groups, I’m not getting caught up with them.

More offline writing

I’m doing much more writing in my notebooks and word documents than I am on my blogs. This is helping me to be  authentic and creative. It may or may not work for you, but it does for me.

Quality over quantity  

I’m always put off when people write fiction that reflects a setting or culture that they’re not completely sure of. Quite recently, I read a story in which the author used a military rank of a sergeant for a solider in the Indian Army. There is no such rank in the Indian Army! Similarly, non-fiction that is not well-researched proves that the writer doesn’t really care about her readers. It goes without saying, that our writing should be edited for grammar and style. Quality wins over quantity in 2015!

Do read Ann Handley’s 9 Qualities of Good Writing.

You’ll find some more writing resolutions here:

Copyblogger’s The Writing Resolution You Can Actually Keep.

Writer’s Digest’s 5 New Year’s Resolutions For Writers.

Write Life’s New Year’s Resolutions for Writers: 5 Goals to Amp Up Your Writing This Year.

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If you’d like to share about your Writing Resolutions the #MondayMusings linky is still open. Our Wednesday Prompt linky is open too and here’s our #100WordsOnSaturday Prompt (you’ll find the linky here as well.)





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