3 Traits To Succeed As A Blogger

Welcome today to the warm, generous and smart blogging coach Delia Rusu. She is always happy to help and I’m so glad we’re connected. Today, Delia is sharing something we could all learn from and also inviting us to her Blogging Challenge

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The only 3 traits you need to succeed as a blogger.

Only 3, really? You might ask after reading the title of this post.

You may think there are at least 10 characteristics, skills, and strengths to become a successful blogger.

And if you give it more thought, I bet you can gather a list of more than 20, right?

Let’s see… The ability to write properly, knowing how to make your articles engaging, and designing your blog so it’s easy to read.

Oh, and then formatting and making your blog posts shine, being able to interact with your readers on your blog and on social media.

And no, I’m not saying those aren’t important, because they are too.

But they’re not the most critical ones. All the skills I mentioned before can certainly be learned if you understand the importance of the 3 common traits that all successful bloggers share.

3 Traits To Succeed As A Blogger

3 Traits To Succeed As A Blogger

1. Successful bloggers know their passion

Put your passion first. You want to reach and connect with great people, right?

They’ll immediately know if you’re writing just for the sake of writing, or if you’re really passionate about the subject of your articles.

If you’ve started your blog not knowing exactly what you want to write about, that’s totally fine.

Now take a look and see what your dearest articles are: maybe the ones you can’t stop talking about, or the ones you had the most comments on.

Because your readers felt your energy.

Write more articles like that.

And if you’ve forgotten your blogging passion, it’s okay to take a break, spend some time thinking, and then you’ll get back into blogging when your sparkle shines again.

2. Successful bloggers have a plan

At the beginning, it’s okay to spend most of your time just reading tons of information online, trying anything that’s being suggested to you by anybody and their mother, just to see what may work and what not.

Oh yes, it’s okay to wander around not really knowing what to do, jumping from piece of advice to piece of advice, and without giving it enough time to see how and if it works for you.

We’ve all been there.

But don’t do that for too long. Not if you want to be a successful blogger eventually.

At some point you have to sit down and make up your mind how you want to pursue this blogging thing if you want to be taken seriously.

Write down a blogging plan. It doesn’t have to be very sophisticated, but just a summary of what you’ll write about on your blog, how often you’ll publish posts, and how will you share them with the world.

Make that plan and keep at it. Don’t get yourself sidetracked and distracted by what everybody else is doing.

3. Successful bloggers don’t do it alone

Don’t trick yourself into thinking you’ll be doing just fine all by yourself.

This may work at the beginning when you’re figuring out what you want to do with your blog, and until you made a plan to get your message out.

Once you have a clear idea about what your blogging goals are, find support from other people, blogger communities, and even blog mentors.

Having them around will not only motivate and encourage you when things aren’t going great, but it’ll also save you time and frustration. Someone who’s already walked your path before can offer advice and support.

You can start by simply reading 2-3 great articles on reputable blogs every day and commenting to get the feeling of a community.

Or you can join some forums, or blogging tribes and groups. Doing this is going to give you motivation and support to continue, because you’re going to be around people who share the same passion as you.

Your turn!

So, how determined are you to succeed as a blogger? Would you agree that, if you have the traits above, nothing can stop you from becoming a successful blogger?

I really encourage you to follow the tips above so you get support and motivation to succeed as a blogger.

Let me know in a comment what are your best tips are to stay motivated and succeed with blogging. And share this post so others can benefit!

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