Of Coffee, Hearts and Write Tribe Pro Bloggers

You are probably wondering what these three possibly have in common!

If you are a Write Tribe Pro Blogger, love coffee and have a heart – there’s your connection, right?

Okay! Just kidding, as usual.

Truth is – today is World Coffee Day. Did you know?

Today is also World Heart Day.

World Coffee Day

Anyone who knows me even remotely knows my love affair with coffee. To me, it is equal to freshly ground heaven! Funny thing is, I only started drinking coffee when I was 17 years old – and now, after turning 17 for the third time in my life, my love for coffee has not diminished! Instead, it has grown to a point of no return!

write tribe pro blogger

Coffee has an interesting history – first discovered in Ethiopia by a goatherd who was curious to know why his goats were so stimulated after they ate a particular berry, decided to experiment for himself and thus was coffee discovered!

And while the research jury is still out there about whether coffee is good for the heart, I prefer to go with the data that says coffee reduces my risk of stroke.

Which brings us to World Heart Day!

World Heart Day is part of an international campaign to raise awareness about heart disease and stroke prevention.

If you smoke, today is the day to quit.

If you have a desk job or work that involves sitting a lot, now is the time to start exercising.

If you often turn to junk food or a snack to replace a meal, today is the day to start eating healthy.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet will keep that wonderful heart of yours in good working order, ensuring you live a good quality life. After all, health is wealth, yeah?

This year, World Heart Day’s theme is creating heart-healthy environments. The places in which we live, work and play should not increase our risk of cardiovascular disease.

So here is the linky for this week’s Write Tribe Pro Blogger posts – September 29 to October 5, 2014. You already have two prompts in the post!

  • Write about your favorite beverage and why you love it. An extra point from me if it is coffee! And a hug nevertheless if you write!
  • Write a post related to World Heart Day! Could be what you intend to improve in your life, or just an awareness post related to heart health. Visit this link for lots of info 

Have a wonderful week ahead!

PS: With October just two days away, would this interest you? 31 days! Think about it. 🙂



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