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Welcome back to week 2, Write Tribe Pro Bloggers!

I am thrilled to see we had over 151 posts in the link up for Sept 1 to 7. How wonderful is that? That’s literally 20 bloggers sincerely posting every day, besides the  ones such as myself who post, but forget to add their links to the linky. Hmph! And you know what? I was away from Thursday last week and had my posts scheduled – and Corinne kindly made sure my links were added to the linky. So maybe I should go away more often eh?

Okay. Let’s get serious. Obviously everyone who’s taken to daily blogging is enjoying herself.

Does it feel good?

What are you learning? Please share your wisdom in the comments.

In the meantime, we’re opening this week with a repository of blogging ideas:

71 proven templates for blog post title ideas.

See the graphic below. They all work.

And can be a great source of inspiration for your posts, because the creativity is up to you – you are the one that will be filling up the blanks.

So go ahead and use it to your advantage. (Click the image for a larger version of it)

71 Blog Post Title Ideas

71 blog post title ideas


An announcement:

Last year we blogged together on World Suicide Prevention Day – creating awareness and making a difference.  We invite you to write a post on September 10 (that’s your Wednesday prompt in advance) and add your link to our post which will be up on that day. This year’s theme is: Suicide Prevention: One World Connected. You are invited to join the Facebook event for this.

That’s it.

Continue to be your awesome self. And blog on.

Just one more thing: Hope everyone who applied to review Digs Dogs and Drama under our book review program has received the voucher for the book. Please do post your review here, and also on Amazon and Goodreads. The same goes for India Was One.

Thanks and have a wonderful week ahead!

Remember this:

write tribe pro bloggers

Here is the linky for the week – Sept 8 to 14, 2014. Add the link to your posts for this week. Interact, share and enjoy the community!



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