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It’s raining books at Write Tribe and we’re not complaining, are we?

Have you made your bid for The Devil’s Gate and India Was One? If not, why not?

Today we’re happy to present to you:

Digs, Dogs & Drama

Rachna Singh’s first book, Dating, Diapers and Denial, in the genre of anecdotal humour, was published in 2011 and received rave reviews as it went on to top the bestsellers charts. Some of the feedback was:

The New Indian Express : Rachna Singh is part of the new wave of genuinely funny, smart and self-aware women writers in the country.”
The Femina : “Rachna Singh’s writing is filled with wisdom, compassion and humour.”
The Hindu : “Author Rachna Singh’s wit is so sharp, it pokes at your funny bone hard.“
DNA : “Immensely Funny”
Deccan Herald : “Unconventional, witty, intelligent — Rachna Singh, first time author, mother, wife, homemaker and consultant wears all hats with equal aplomb.”

Digs, Dogs & Drama is a sequel to ‘Dating, Diapers and Denial’. Both the books are independent of each other: not like a series: but are thematically similar: like a diary of fun: each chapter an independent blob of humour.

What you can expect: 
The neighbour’s dog. The dramatic ultrasound scan. The wedding reception. Aloo parathas versus curd rice.
100% shuddh Indian.
Events. Happenings. Experiences. Just day-to-day stuff.
Traffic Jam? Angry boss? Ruined Haircut? Power cut? Need instant cheering up? Any chapter will do.
Rasam? Burger? Rangoli? Bollywood action? Want a desi smile? Start from anywhere in this book.
You won’t be able to put it down.

Want more? Read an excerpt:

‘Where is my old cycle?’, demands Prithvi.
‘We have given it away to charity’, explains Aisha imperiously.
He starts bawling immediately, and comes to us,
‘Who is Charity?’
We try to explain the concept: the joy of giving, the sheer happiness in seeing the lesser-privileged getting a slice of life they aspire for and so on.
He is still inconsolable.
‘I will be unhappy all my life.’
His father reassures him that time is a great healer. He takes the example of one of his staff who was heartbroken after his girlfriend ditched him.
‘See, Raju uncle was so devastated. He said he would unhappy ALL his life. But, he has recovered now.’
Prithvi is angrier,
‘So what? Raju uncle still has his bike.’
Now, that’s something most guys will relate to.


digs dogs and drama

Connect with Rachna Singh on her website, Facebook and Twitter.


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