Ultimate Blogging Challenge July 2014 Week 4

Yay! We’re on Week 4 of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge! Once again, congratulations to all those who signed up and are posting every day. It has been a joy to read so many wonderful posts and meet new bloggers.

How did it go for you? Are you enjoying the daily blogging routine?

Here’s a recap of recent events:

We’ve put up a book for review – have you applied?

If you find your energy levels flagging, quickly go through the list of 20 benefits of blogging daily and you’ll feel instantly motivated.

Did you attempt the Wednesday Prompt? Did you enjoy writing the post?

Blogger’s block threatening you? Visit the linky at this post “Exploring Bloggers Block” for what 27 bloggers have to say – each one gives you 5 ways to show it the door! Be inspired, write your own post and add it to the linky! You got one day left!

Wondering how to increase your page view count? Try these simple tricks – they work!

And remember:

Vidya Sury Ultimate blogging challenge

Here are some Writing prompts for this week:

  1. Pick up the book you’re reading right now. Or read recently. Open to page 27. Pick the 9th sentence. Use that as your prompt to write a post
  2. List 9 things that you are grateful for and why. Feel free to increase the number.
  3. Describe a time in your life when you had to leave your comfort zone. How did it feel? How did you do it?
  4. Write about the school you went to. Which teachers do you remember? Who were your friends? Which subject did you enjoy? What is its impact on your life today?
  5. What three things can you not live without? And why?
  6. Write an “About Me” page for your blog. Have one already? Turn it into a post
  7. Write about your favorite hobby. How did you get started? Be very descriptive.

And now, here is the linky for Week 4 of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge Juily 2014 – July 20 – 26

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Author: Corinne Rodrigues

Lover of words | Self-acceptance blogger | Instructional designer| Book Reviewer| Blog Coach

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