Exploring Bloggers Block!

Exploring bloggers block? That’s exactly what we did. Two days ago, Vidya and I were chatting….but let me copy paste the conversation! Here it is:

Corinne: Hey, Vidya remember when we did that writing process blog hop last month?

Vidya:  Yeah – I wanted to do something similar on WT, involving everyone. In fact, why not talk about the infamous writer’s block? I am seeing a lot of WT-ers worrying and stressing over it. Except they call it bloggers’ block.

Corinne: Yes, I thought that was one question or topic that could have been added to the writing hop where I tagged you. This term ‘writer’s block’ is bandied about a fair bit these days and I always wonder what it means.


Vidya: Ask me. go on, ask me if I believe in writer’s block or blogger’s block (just try reading this line loudly! sounds funny!)

Corinne: Consider yourself asked! 😉 Although I can guess what your response will be!

Vidya: That’s because you know me too well. No. I don’t believe in writer’s block. Or blogger’s block. But yes, I do believe in laziness. Mostly that’s the reason why I miss posting sometimes. *sheepish*. Then I feel guilty.

Corinne: I knew what you’d say that! Laziness masquerades as Writer’s Block, that’s for sure. But do you think there could be other reasons too?

Vidya: Possibly. Overwhelm, for one.

Corinne: You mean the pressures of life? Trying to make time for writing?

Vidya: Yes! Especially with those going out to work – blogging can be the last straw at the end of a tiring day.

Then there’s peer pressure. There are bloggers who seem to blog with ease daily, churning out their posts. Not talking about quality for now – but the sheer speed at which they “produce” can make those struggling feel even worse.

Corinne: Oh, I know what you mean. I’m always a little envious of those who can produce daily posts so easily! Any other ‘pretending-to-be-writer’s-block-bloggers-block’ reasons you can think of?

Vidya: Yes, there’s the “what to write” because nothing one thinks of posting seems good enough. “What will people think” is another. Ha! that inner critic can really mess with your mind.

Now with me, lazy is usually when I’ve been busy with something else…and it seems all too easy to put off the blog post to tomorrow. Do you go through that?

Corinne: Oh yes. That happens even when I’m in the middle of a blogging challenge! So easy to put off to tomorrow that which we can do today, eh? But I’m interested in what you say about the inner critic. How do you think one can deal with that chap?

Vidya: As far as challenges go, the experts say it is best to plan ahead. But hey, with so much going on, I invariably end up writing on the fly…and treat it like a relaxation strategy. Except, sometimes I sleep off. How to tackle the inner critic? I tell mine to go look at the blogs I find boring 😉

But seriously – I think it is best to tell that Inner Critic to shut up and go play elsewhere. 😀 Tell me, do you have an Inner Critic? How do you deal with it?

Corinne: You know like you said the only way is to tell our inner critic to get lost. One useful tool I’ve found is The Artist’s Way
‘Morning Pages’. It involves writing three pages every morning without an edit or re-reading it.

Vidya: That’s a beautiful book. No – an experience. I loved it. Although I don’t report back to the Facebook group I joined, I continue to write those!

Corinne: Yes. I find it very therapeutic as well. I remember you had mentioned a website too.

Vidya: I also signed up with a website that encourages you to write 750 words every day. I found that amazing. In fact, i wrote a lot of blog posts thanks to that time!

Corinne: I must try it too!

Vidya: You should. I didn’t stick with it – as in writing on the site but my morning pages blend with the 750 words – i just write for as long as i feel like without editing. More than my inner critic, i am afraid of my inner editor 😀 Can you believe I read books with a pencil in my hand?

Corinne:  Ha ha…your pencil must really active with some of unedited books out there! 😉

Vidya: It is. Hmm. By the way – do you really think there’s a standard posting frequency on blogs? I hear a lot about length and frequency of posting

Corinne: I would really love to post every day on my blog, but I don’t think I can keep it up. But I do think once or twice a week should be the minimum. The length confuses me..

Vidya: See, I tend to write long posts. Not that I have anything against short ones. Personally, I think it is about whatever it takes to get your message across. Of course, if you’re worried about SEO, the experts do recommend long posts.

Corinne: And you do that so well. I like to mix it up although I’m notorious for writing short posts!

Vidya: I think your “short posts” are terrific. If there’s one thing that drives me nuts, it is long posts that run like yards of text without punctuation and paragraphs. You are very accomplished at short posts! But yes, mixing it up is a great idea.

Corinne: I think the longer the posts, the more attention one must pay to language, grammar and keeping the readers’ attention.

Vidya: Yes. And also keep in mind that blogging is all about connecting. If not, easier to write a diary! Tell you what! Why not make this a prompt for Wednesday? And ask our Write Tribe community what their take is?

Corinne: Oh yes, connecting – that’s a whole other conversation! And yes, let’s ask everyone to weigh in on this.

Vidya: (noting down topic for next conversation..) Shall I (drumroll) offer the prompt or will you do the honors?

Corinne: I’ll do it. So looking forward to reading all the posts that come in!

So, dear readers, here is your Wednesday Prompt:

“Describe at least 5 ways you tackle writer’s block / blogger’s block” You are free to describe more than 5. After the linky closes, we’ll pick ten ideas and compile them into a post here, duly crediting the creator of the idea.

Write a post on your blog. And add the link to your post in the linky below. Then, visit, comment and share.

P.S.: Naturally, the conversation above was edited to make it fit for public-ation. Tell us what you think of this post in the comments.

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Author: Corinne Rodrigues

Lover of words | Self-acceptance blogger | Instructional designer| Book Reviewer| Blog Coach

25 thoughts

  1. Great conversation!! It’s very helpful for a newbie like me! I do go through blogger’s block and I’m guilty of it and I should admit, I am lazy. But I try writing regularly these days. Thanks again for the post- Corinne and Vidya!! 🙂 🙂


  2. for a person who hasn’t written a thing for a month and a half, this was just the post! call it laziness, blogger’s block, overwhelmed by life, inner critic or something else…i think i am experience all of it at one go…but what better way to begin again than to vent out my reasons for not writing…
    Love you two lovely ladies for giving this prompt…will surely try to write something.


  3. very interesting conversation, for me its a big challenge to post every day, its all about balancing work, home, relationship, and dealing with power cuts. sometimes its also laziness, other times, its a kind of being lost, waiting for the perfect post, I have a few written that needs to be edited and a little more thinking… thanks vidya and corinne for sharing… hope to find a way out to write, I do appreciate both of you for the effort you put in encouraging everyone !


  4. This conversation made me smile…It looks like a good thing to attempt. I guess you could occasionally call it laziness but I’d rather go with being overwhelmed. Although I’m sure at the end of the day, if we want to be writers, we have to overcome that feeling of being overwhelmed and the inner critic…


  5. I enjoyed your post today very much. When I have bloggers block it is usually because I don’t know where to begin. I then just start talking to myself and typing out my conversation. That is always a good start for me, and then I can go back and edit, polish, and get it to where I want the words to go – ta-da! My post is ready to publish.


  6. I am going through the similar phase. Mentally exhausted for some reasons, I am unable to come up with any post yet trying my best to write something. I hope this prompt prove a comeback for me. Thanks Vidya and Corrine for coming up with this much needed topic. Writing right away!


  7. ~~~Love the conversation between you girls.

    How delightful to read two pros discuss “The Writing/Blogging Life.”

    I detest rules, so, I post whenever I wish. Usual 300-400 words, but not out of obligation.

    My pet peeve is when bloggers apologize for not posting, or posting too much, or tells the reader she has nothing to say, or please, excuse the grammar!

    Just write, man. It’s your space, your platform, your house.

    Stop making excuses.

    Our writing is our gift to the world. Never apologize for that.

    xxx kiss from MN.


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