Ultimate Blog Challenge July 2014

Are you in for the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month? It promises to be another exciting month of blogging.


ultimate blog challenge

As the creators of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, Michele Scism and Michelle Shaeffer say, it is a perfect opportunity for you to give your blog a boost. 

Here are some reasons why you should sign up for this challenge.

  • If you’ve been out of things for a bit, the challenge will help you to get into the flow of structuring a blog post and get those creative juices flowing.

So how does it work?

  1. Sign up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge here.
  2. Commit to writing a post everyday through the month of July. You may or may not choose a theme – it’s entirely up to you.
  3. Request to join the Ultimate Blog Challenge Facebook group where you can share your links.
  4. Read, comment and share other bloggers’ posts.

As an additional incentive we are going to create a weekly linky on the Write Tribe blog. Once you’ve signed up for the challenge and started writing, you can add your daily posts to the linky making sure you indicate the day – example, UBC Day 1.

Confused? Here’s what you do: When you add your post link to the linky on Day 1, just add the words “UBC Day1”. When you add your Day 2 linky, add the words “UBC Day 2”.

Better still, why not just add it to your post title on your blog so you can eliminate the chances of forgetting to do it when you add the linky? 🙂

Now go forth and blog, interact, comment and share!

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43 Thoughts

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  8. I am doing a novella and doing short chapters on my other blog. I tried something new scheduling the posts so that I keep one day free to de clutter the mind. It works wonder to let the creative juice flow in:)


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