Eye To Eye and Body Part Idioms

I managed to get another book from Vanita Oelschlager, the author of Don’t Dangle Your Participle , from NetGalley. This one is Eye to Eye: A Book of Body Part Idioms and Silly Pictures.


eye to eye

This is another cute book to teach children body part idioms and is full of interesting pictures that will help to have these idioms stick in heads and become part of their writing. It certainly is recommended for a young child.

Body Part Idioms

I guess we all know what ‘seeing eye to eye’ is but what about the more interesting idioms that contain body parts? No, it’s not as gory as it sounds – it’s just that many idioms in English are based on the human body, or parts of the body, or bodily functions.

So let’s do a small quiz to see how familiar you are with some of these body part idioms. Select which response describes the idiom and list your responses in the comment section :


1. Samrat had egg on his face when the results were announced……

a. He was trying out a new face mask
b. He felt stupid because the results showed that he was not as smart as he had made out.
c. He trying to cook an egg for the first time.

Response: 1. b

1. Sheela had a gut feeling that Radha was a fake.

a.  she felt hungry whenever she met Radha.
b. she felt very brave in her presence.
c. she had a strong intuition about Radha.

2. Anu got a real kick in the teeth when that happened.

a. she lost her job unexpectedly
b. she went to the dentist
c. she had a bad fall.

3. Brenda kept dragging her feet, waiting for the right moment…..

a. her slippers were too big
b. she had a lazy way of walking
c. she kept postponing something, because she did not want to do it

4. Pedro’s mentor told him to keep his ear to the ground ….

a. Pedro was deaf
b. his mentor suggested that he listen for clues
c. they were expecting an earthquake.
bluewatercolour_400And for our Wednesday prompt

Use the 6 body part idioms mentioned in this post – to write a story/ a bit of non-fiction/ a poem.





32 Thoughts

  1. What a fun topic! Must try writing a story with those idioms in it. I remember doing I is for Idiom in the A-Z challenge and doing a whole story with them which was fun to write.

    For the quiz, my answers are 1c, 2a, 3c and 4b


  2. Such a fun quiz and an interesting prompt. My answers:
    1-c, 2-a,3-c,4-b
    Hope to crack the prompt too. It will be my first for Write Tribe 🙂


  3. Haa.. a prompt that kindles me to bring all idioms of this kind into one single post.. well, let me see.. Btw, i was really tempted to choose ‘c’ for q.no 2. It always happens for me 🙂 He he.. just joking 🙂


  4. Such a fun quiz!! The answer options were funny 🙂 Here’re my answers: 1 c, 2 a, 3 c, 4 b. The prompt looks fun too!!


  5. Ouch that kick in the teeth one and the wrong answer choices hit too close to home 😉
    Love the idea for the prompt, Corinne. Will be traveling so will catch up on WT when I’m back. Good to see you back 🙂


  6. Hi Corinne,
    Great prompt and my answers…..1c,2a,3c,4b.
    Hope to pen something worthy of the prompt.
    Made me feel like a kid again!


  7. This is so cool! 🙂 Great prompt Corinne! Oh how I’ve missed WT! Although prompts were running during A-Z I couldn’t participate. Looking forward to this one!


  8. Very interesting indeed! But somehow I also find it quite challenging, don’t know why 🙂 Let’s see if something strikes me up there! Or I may have to give this one a miss 😦


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