Festival of Words: An Inspiring Story


We all love to read inspiring stories. Today is your turn to tell us one – preferably your own experience, or a story about someone who inspires you. There’s too much bad news going around – we sometimes forget all the incredibly inspiring stories we hear of! Day 5 is your chance to inspire us all. Add your inspiring link to the linky below today.

[Tweet “To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible!”]

On Day 6, we are keeping it really simple. It’s Friday – so we would like you to do a 55 on Friday! Yes, all you have to do a write one (or as many as you like) 55-word story. There is no prompt – you’re free to write on any topic!



22 Thoughts

  1. An inspiring story or not …
    This post is just straight from my heart.. errr straight from a friends email.
    Thanks Cornnie, this prompt has given me many more reasons to be happy today !


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