Festival of Words: 9-Sentence Fiction

Welcome to Day 1 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words – 3!

Today you are invited to link in your Day 1 post – a 9-sentence fiction piece. I’m sure you enjoyed writing it. Add your link to the linky below and starting visiting and making smart comments on other blogs linked here.

Remember to share other bloggers’ posts on social media. Sharing and being generous are great ways of building your network and getting noticed online (and offline too!). Who wants to see a Twitter feed or a Facebook timeline full of a blogger’s own links? I saw that the other day and said to myself, “What a B-o-r-e!!” Β Remember, being selfish about sharing is a great way to turn people off your Β blog!

All this talk of sharing other people’s work brings me to what we would like you to write about on Day 2! Yes, on 3rd March our topic is ‘Blog Love’ – show some love to another blog or blogs by showcasing them on yours. Share with us why you love a particular blog or blogs – there’s no limit on the words or the links. However, we’d encourage you not to include blogs of people in your circle – or people taking part in the Festival of Words. Str-et-ch! It feels good! And don’t forget to let those people know you’ve showcased them!



(You can grab this button here)



70 Thoughts

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      1. Oh WOW! I just thought of the same thing this morning! What a coincidence. Great minds and all eh? πŸ™‚


  5. 9 sentence fiction was really a very different experience for me. Loved the writing experience. Just wanted to thank for coming up with such a wonderful idea. Will be waiting for more


  6. hi cornie this is my entry mine is the last one,i have my reasons.i will try to post early tomorrow.you haven’t read my post’s untill now.hope you visit and give your feed back.


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  8. Ma’am your words are encouraging. Very first time in my life I’m experiencing something like this. May be it’s 9 sentences only but I’ve done whole thing in only an hour.


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  10. It seems like I am jinxed in some weird kind of way, every time the FoW happens I’m either travelling or unavailable for some reason or the other. But this time, for sure I will at least try to play catch up if not join in on the same day πŸ™‚


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