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From this Thursday on, we’re starting a new feature on Write Tribe – Thursday Tips. This will be published on the second and last Thursday of the month. Today, we’ve got…

Ten Twitter Tips You Can Use Right Away

There used to be a time when just a few people experimented with, and interacted on Twitter. Today, anyone who’s involved in some activity online should leverage Twitter as a great medium to interact and engage with their community. Twitter helps you keep in touch easily on the go – via your handheld device. It is also a convenient way to stay on top of news that interests you.

While you may not be into social media marketing per se, it is certainly worthwhile to have a Twitter account because, let’s admit it, almost all of us who blog have “social media share” buttons on our site and who doesn’t like their posts shared with the world?

So here are ten Twitter tips, courtesy All Indie Writers followed by a visually pleasing infographic they created. It says Twitter tips for authors, but these tips hold good for anyone who uses Twitter to build better relationships and reach a wider audience. Just substitute “book” for blog and you’re good to go!

Without further blah-blah, here are the tips:

  1. Be personable. Twitter is a social network, not a billboard for your book/blog
  2. Quality, not quantity. Aim to reach readers, not win a popularity contest.
  3. Use #hashtags to reach interested groups. But not too many. #obnoxious
  4. Don’t retweet every positive mention of you/your blog or book. Really. Stop.
  5. Include a link in your bio to your website or blog.
  6. Follow your fans, not just other authors.
  7. Use a headshot for your photo, not a book cover or a generic avatar.
  8. Add a custom profile background for branding.
  9. Share. In social media, you get what you give.
  10. Don’t beg followers to visit your blog/buy your book. Ever.

10 Twitter Tips for Authors

Credit: All Indie Writers – The Professional Writer’s Playground

Are you on Twitter? Would you like to add your own Twitter tip to this list?

Share them in the comments.


Author: Corinne Rodrigues

Lover of words | Self-acceptance blogger | Instructional designer| Book Reviewer| Blog Coach

12 thoughts

  1. It is not physically possible for me to agree with this more. The fastest way to get me to unfollow is to blather on about your book incessantly, to the exclusion of all else.

    I would add a #11: Don’t publicly “welcome” each follower as though they’re a newly baptised member of your church. That, for me, is an instant unfollow.


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